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This page is the heart of this site. On this page I sort the many CRM solutions into logical categories. Though I start with Contact Managers (What would you expect from me?) I use the roles along the customer relationship life cycle for my primary inspiration. I am currently tracking more than 4,200 solutions sorted into 121 categories. So, just jump in and pick a page to explore. Here is what you will find:

The Company Logo

The logo is an active link that will take you directly to the software developer’s site.

The Software Solution

The name of the CRM solution. If the software developer is cooperating with my review process, this will be an active link that takes you directly to my Software SnapShot – the free version of my review that I publish here.

The Amazon link

If the software developer makes it all the way through my review process, I publish the final review as an Amazon kindle book that you can download immediately. Yes, I do charge a very fair price for these finished reviews (usually $9.87 or less) – that is how I maintain my absolute independence!


Best Practices

Business Card Scanning

Competitor Analysis

CPQ (Configuration/Proposals/Quotations)

Data Enhancement

Electronic Signature Capture

Email Intelligence

Knowledge Management


Opportunity Management

Order Entry/Management

Personal Productivity


Prospecting/Lead Generation

Territory Management

Time Management


Content & Experience Marketing

Collateral Management

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

EMail Marketing

Event Marketing

Interactive Content

Journey Mapping/Personas

Lead Management

Lead Scoring

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Local Marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Research/Survey Management

Membership Management

Mobile Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing


Product Management

Public Relations


Video Marketing

Web Forms

Social & Relationships

Advocacy, Loyalty and Referrals

Content Enrichment

Community Management Solutions

Influencer Marketing

Relationship Management

Reviews & Feedback

Social Analytics

Social Listening

Social Media Engagement

Social Network Selling

Social Sites







Data Analytics


Business Intelligence

Customer Data Platforms (CDP)

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Data Management Platform

Marketing Attribution

Market Data Enhancement

Mobile and Web Analytics

Predictive Analytics


Tag Management

Sales Management

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Agile Management

Channel Management

Compensation/Incentive Management

CRM Onboarding

Expense Management

Partner Management

Pipeline Management

Quotas & Forecasting

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Enablement

Sales Intelligence

Sales Motivation

Sales Process Management

Sales Recruiting/Talent Management

Sales Training

Customer Support

Customer Self-Service

Customer Support

Field Service

Help Desk

Call Center Support

Call Analytics

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Contact Center Infrastructure

Predictive Dialing

Inbound Call Support

Outbound Call Support

Sales Scripts


Affiliate Marketing

eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce Platforms

Local Marketing

Retail Marketing

Shopping Carts

Interaction Management


Chat Bots



Email Signatures



Telephone (VOIP)

Web Conferencing


Accounting Solutions

Application Integration

Business Process Management (BPM)

Cloud Platform/Cloud Integration

Data Quality

Project Management

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