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With thousands of CRM solutions available today, how do you even know where to start?

I am on a mission! First, I seek to discover every useful CRM solution available. Then I determine what problem a solution solves, so that I can map it on the stack. Then I try to take each solution through my review process. Finally, I publish those results as Amazon Kindle ebooks.

Absolutely no hidden agenda. Just the best analysis that I can provide!

CRM Stack

The oldest living independent CRM analyst!

Recent Reviews

CRM Review – Teamgate CRM

This CRM Review examines Teamgate. In-Depth CRM Review Teamgate Teamgate 11, Cundy Road London E16 3DJ United Kingdom   Telephone:    +44 203 514 8635 Toll [...]
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CRM Review – Convrrt

This CRM Review examines Convrrt. In-Depth CRM Review Convrrt Convrrt Chandler, AZ   Telephone: Toll Free:     Fax:             Email:   Web:           [...]
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CRM Review – Gro CRM

This CRM Review examines Gro CRM. In-Depth CRM Review Gro CRM Gro Software LLC 101 California Street San Francisco CA 94111-5802   Telephone:   (628) [...]
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