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Hi, I'm Rich Bohn: The Oldest Living Independent CRM Analyst!

I bring structure and order to the ever-expanding CRM technology stack so that you can find the best solutions for your business!

My goal for this site is to codify all of the amazing Marketing and Sales (they are inseparable in my book!) tech solutions available, to make them accessible in one clear voice. They truly can help you take better care of your customers and sell more now!

So, browse around and let me know just how I can help you embrace these great tools!

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Lets parse that tag-line . . .

Oldest . . .

Accent Heading

I published my first CRM review in January-1985. I have kept at it ever since. In all of those years, I have completely lost track of the total number of reviews that I have published! However, I am quite certain that it is more than any other analyst on earth!

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Living . . .

Joie de Vivre!

With a pure joy for life, I pursue each review that I write with a passionate curiosity and a healthy sense of humor!

More about Rich

Independant . . .

No hidden agenda!

These days, I publish each review as a Kindle eBook on I earn the vast majority of my income through the sale of those eBooks. I always say that if you want to uncover someone’s hidden agenda, just follow the money.

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CRM Analyst!

A straight shooter.

When I begin a dialog with a CRM developer, The first question I ask is, “How does this solution help someone take better care of their customers and Sell More Now?” Then I do a complete installation of the CRM program – loading it with live data. Only then do I launch my comprehensive review process, developed over more than thirty years, to methodically explore the unique capabilities of each CRM solution.

Rich's Review Process