Account Management Software

Claritysoft CRM makes it easy to manage and share all of your accounts in one place. Sales teams are no longer storing customer information in multiple locations. All your data is centralized and secure.

The best account management software tells you everything you need to know about the organizations you call on. Never walk into another meeting or account review unarmed with the knowledge you need to shine.

  • Track all activities, attachments, contacts, notes, opportunities, quotations, sales, and services for an organization from a single intuitive view
  • Fully customize the user interface to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Import your accounts from Microsoft Excel or Outlook
  • Segment your accounts to quickly view unique groups of organizations
  • Use account segmentation to create targeted marketing materials
  • Add custom fields to capture unique account information
  • Find accounts quickly by searching on any characteristic including custom fields, segments, and products & services
  • Use group edit to efficiently make changes to groups of accounts
  • Access and manage account information from any device
  • Export your accounts to Microsoft Excel
  • Run out-of-the-box account reports or create your own custom-tailored reports