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Wilson Learning

This CRM Review examines Wilson Learning.

In-Depth CRM Review

Wilson Learning

Wilson Learning Corporation
8000 West 78th Street
Suite 200
Edina, MN 55439-2549


Telephone:  (952) 944-2880
Toll Free:    (800) 328-7937


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

It all began in 1965, in a one-room office over Larry Wilson’s garage. Larry was an extremely successful insurance agent and was in high demand as a motivational speaker. The first product, a program called Sales Sonics, was a classroom seminar with a film narrated by Larry himself. Revolutionary for its time, it suggested that selling did not require a manipulative or adversarial “how-do-I-get-my-money-out-of-your-pocket” proposition.

Instead, it showed how a consultative approach to meeting customer needs would produce more effective sales results. It created a new generation of salespeople who recognized the value of establishing relationships based on trust and service. The best-selling book The One Minute Salesperson further built our legacy.

From this humble origin evolved a company that is still committed to a mission of helping people and organizations be all that they can be, to achieve performance with fulfillment. Sure, our company has changed over four decades, but our vision remains intact, “To provide world-class Human Performance Improvement solutions that help our customer’s execute their business strategy through their people.”

Our Approach: Human Performance Improvement

If you’re trying to improve performance, learning is only part of the solution. Alignment and support for changed performance must be systematic to succeed. At Wilson Learning, we call this systematic approach Human Performance Improvement (HPI).

Result of HPI? Solutions are not blindsided by surprises, but earn respect and buy-in of people who need to make these solutions work.

We can help you explore all the factors that might influence or detract from your business success. We ask the right questions to make sure that everything we do for our clients -– from a single class to a long-term strategic initiative – provides the intended measurable results.

The value of our approach? HPI ensures that we’re not only working on part of the problem, so we are able to deliver and sustain effective performance improvement over time.

About the Product:

Sales and Service Training and Development for Today’s Sales Challenges

Today, new demands challenge even the most experienced sales and service professionals. Does your sales team have the tools, mindset, and capabilities to deliver the consistently high performance needed to succeed in this new competitive environment? Are your technical and sales support professionals aligned with the strategy of the sales team? Are your inbound sales representatives discovering customer needs and issues? Is your service team continuing to build the valuable customer relationships initially established by your sales executives?

Profile for Sales and Service Success

Achieving the sales goals that sustain and grow the business over time requires sales and service training that develops key strategic selling skills and behaviors. (Expand the headers and bullets below for a list of the competencies for sales and service success and Wilson Learning’s related content.)

Sales Training and Resources for Achieving Success

As a global leader in sales training and sales management development, Wilson Learning offers a comprehensive approach to training that includes proven research-based programs, innovative custom solutions, and the use of technology to enhance, reinforce, and sustain training experiences.

As a sales executive, you know the importance of advancing the overall ability of your sales organization to compete effectively. To achieve your goals, you need to: assess your organization’s readiness, ensure that developmental efforts are aligned with strategy, and create an environment that ensures high performance.


Rich’s View of Wilson Learning:

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Short List:

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