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Vineyardsoft Corporation
2 Battery Wharf
Suite 2502
Boston, MA 02109-1099


Toll Free:    (800) 850-8055


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Business Activity Monitoring
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Vineyardsoft Corporation, headquartered outside of Boston, Massachusetts, was founded in 1998 by James Murphy and Don Farber. Vineyardsoft released the first commercially-available Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) solution – KnowledgeSync – in February of 1999 and that product is now the most widely-used Alerts & Workflow solution on the market today.

Recipient of over a dozen industry awards from various software companies including Sage Software, Vineyardsoft’s partner program has been awarded  VARBusiness Magazine’s Five-Star award for its comprehensive range of services offered to its partner channel. Vineyardsoft has also  received TMCLabs’ “Editor’s Choice” award and Forbes magazine’s “Top Productivity-Enhancing Tool” commendation.

With over 10,000 customers worldwide and over 1 million users, the KnowledgeSync solution enables organizations to increase employee efficiency, boost corporate profitability, and reduce organizational costs by ensuring that businesses no longer have to say “if only we had known”. Currently, Vineyardsoft supports offices across the United States as well as regional distributors around the world.

About the Product:

Business Activity Monitoring benefits all parts of an organization; as such, KnowledgeSync’s design has always been as an enterprise-class application.

Sales staff may depend on KnowledgeSync to keep them on top of pending sales opportunities; while at the same time an organization’s accounting department may rely on KnowledgeSync to automatically send invoices and statements to clients, while simultaneously notifying staff about clients whose payments are overdue.

Customer Service organizations utilize KnowledgeSync for everything from call escalation to the creation of support tickets from incoming email messages. And a company’s Human Resources department counts on KnowledgeSync to alert them to such items as excessive overtime and the status of potential new hires that require review and approval.

And KnowledgeSync is just as invaluable to manufacturers who use it to monitor job delays, material availability, and budgetary overruns, as it is to a marketing department, who use it to automate email campaigns, track response status, and deliver requested product information.

Using the industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server database system, a multi-tiered client/server architecture, and more alert delivery methods than any other Alerting solution, KnowledgeSync is the one solution organizations need for all their business activity monitoring needs.


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