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CRM Category: Selling on the Web – Cloud
Sub-Category: Social CRM/Twitter Tool
Seats: Anyone and Everyone!


About the Company:

We develop beautifully crafted digital products for our clients and customers that promote, educate and delight. Our expertise covers UX, UI, design, technical build, marketing, search and social strategy for the web, mobile and apps.

Founded in 2004, we are still a wholly independent company. In January 2013 we acquired digital agency, Thin Martian, combining our skills and experience to further strengthen our great team.

About the Product:

Get Twitter search alerts via email

Twilert offers you a smarter way to monitor what’s being said about you and your brand on Twitter. It helps you keep an eye on your mentions, hashtags and manage your online reputation.

What is Twilert?

Twilert is an easy-to-use Twitter monitoring tool that helps you keep track of mentions and keywords. You’ll receive email alerts containing your Twitter search results for every Twilert you create. In this way Twilert allows you to participate more actively in conversations about your brand as well as to build a strong online reputation.

Define your keywords

Track tweets containing your brand, product, CEO, competitors… well, any keyword you like really.

Add search filters

Choose advanced filters such as location, language or negative keywords to get the most out of your Twitter search.

Get alerted

Receive email alerts with your Twitter search results by the minute, hour, day or on a weekly basis.



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