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This CRM Review examines Tradepoint 360.

In-Depth CRM Review

Tradepoint 360

Tradepoint 360 Inc.
P.O. Box 985
Benton, LA 71006


Toll Free:    (866) 444-4278
Email:  Contact Tradepoint 360


CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: CRM/SFA/ERP
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

We are passionate about the products we develop and the company we have created. With opportunity comes a great sense of responsibility, and we are properly positioned to leverage our collective strengths. The Technology Playing Field is constantly presenting new challenges and creating new opportunities at every turn. With as much effort we give to looking forward, we are rooted in:

  • Performance – Platform stability must be a constant.
  • Simplicity – Comprehensive code, intuitive for the user.
  • Urgency – Every customer is essential, and every question significant.
  • Speed – Given the nature of our users, we must be FAST in all environments.
  • Support – Provide the means necessary for every user, trainer, and partner to have the information they need at their fingertips.

About the Product:

Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management Software has evolved from a service oriented management methodology to a operating necessity for most businesses regardless of their size. Profitability and an organization’s ability to evolve within ever changing business environments depends directly on the relationship a company has with all people that come into contact with a company, not just customers and partners. As a result, the relationship created and maintained with clients is the life force for a company as well as a springboard for future changes and growth.

Customer Relationship Management and the resulting Customer Relationship life cycle can easily be maximized with Tradepoint Enterprise Software. Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management Software provides a strong CRM solution relevant for a wide range of industries whether or not your company uses one of our integrated Ecommerce solutions. As part of an integrated solution, Tradepoint Customer Relationship Management Software ties in with numerous sub-systems for a CRM solution extending well beyond the basic. The result is a scalable software solution with in-depth functionality enabling Tradepoint Enterprise to adapt to a variety of Customer Relationship Management needs.

Tradepoint Enterprise Software takes Customer Relationship Management the next step and provides several groups of tools that encompass most basic CRM functions with additional integrated tools providing more specialized customer processes within a robust CRM solution.

Contact Management Tools

Tradepoint Enterprise Software provides best of breed tools to manage your leads, customers, resellers and even suppliers. By integrating all of these tools with the extensive feature set of Tradepoint, not only do you get a top tier CRM solution, but a complete business management suite that covers your entire business:

  • Integrated Search Tool for all information within your contacts
  • Quick reports for your search results within contacts
  • Full Contact Information Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Notes, and Logs
  • Integrated Mail Merge Tool based on contacts
  • Integrated Mass Email Tool based on contacts
  • Integrated Move and Copy tool for contact mobility
  • Teams capability for events involving groups
  • Built in Accounting functions within contact structure
  • Business to business contact structure for multiple contacts within a company contact
  • Business to consumer contact structure for individuals
  • Built in mapping tool for contact addresses with links to Google Maps, Microsoft Live Local and MapPoint

Call Logs for Customer and Service Calls

Tradepoint Enterprise’s CRM includes Call Logs specifically designed to handle incoming and outgoing service calls with customers and partners. Further the same call system automates the sales process by tracking all incoming and outgoing sales communication by phone, email, and web site:

  • Automatic time/date stamping of Calls by the user who created the call
  • The ability to assign and notify others about new or open calls
  • Separate Notes screens for initial call and resolution activity
  • The ability to create and assign a Task within a Call
  • The ability to place an Order within a Call, or process an RMA.
  • Create an Appointment or Task from a Call
  • Flexible Category & Status structure for customizing work flows
  • Ability to upload or scan in documents related to a Call
  • Assign a Call Log to an open Project
  • Integrated Knowledge Base for the ability to search on topics in your Knowledge Base

Sales Force Automation

Drive sales activity with a CRM solution with integrated tools specifically for sales and related sales activity. With Tradepoint, companies using a direct sales channel will have numerous options for Customizable Sales Force Automation tools to address specific sales force automation needs. Tradepoint uses combination of tools work together for an integrated approach to sales force automation.

  • Customizable Categories and Stages with integrated Event Management tools.
  • Support for generating Tasks for existing Opportunities
  • Support for Appointments created from an Opportunity
  • Support for multiple Opportunities for each contact
  • View history of an Opportunity
  • Upload, Create, or Scan in documents for each Opportunity
  • Assign multiple Personnel to an Opportunity
  • Estimated and actual closing dates can be entered to tracking time lines
  • Create and manage quotes on each opportunity.
  • Create an unlimited number of opportunities per lead or customer.
  • Track projected revenue and other close data with a single click.
  • Work with sales force automation tools directly within the CRM and accounting functions to better integrate your business.
  • Create mailers and mail merge letters, offers and contracts to customers.

Products Owned: Define What Happens After the Sale

Companies who track activity, service plans and follow up maintenance with service work on Products a customer has purchased from will enjoy the Product Owned tools within Tradepoint. Whether it is service, warranty work or additional purchases, tracking activity related to Products after a Product has been purchased can a challenge depending on how information is managed.

Tradepoint Enterprise’s Products owned will track a customer or reseller’s purchase history and provide an interface where additional activities can be tracked from the point of purchase. This structure supports a more specialized work flow for companies looking for tools to track related activities to products that have been purchased by their customers and resellers. Capabilities within Products Owned include but are not limited to:

  • Basic product information tracking to a customer or resellers purchase history
  • The ability to access the invoice directly from the purchase history
  • An information screen with customizable fields to shape your information requirements
  • Accessories or related product information will automatically track to a products owned purchase history
  • Track Repairs and generate a new work order within product owned
  • Integrated Call log functionality for work flow specific Call Logs within a Purchased Product
  • An overview screen for all Product’s Owned for easy viewing of key information from a customer or reseller’s account

Extensive Reporting
Embedded in Tradepoint’s CRM, includes a Quick Reports Option for contact based reports can be done at a moments notice. Whether it is a list of contacts in a specific location or a sales representatives printing out labels for a Mail Merge for a direct mailing based on specific search results, Tradepoint’s Quick Reports is built into our CRM for easy generation of contact based reporting in just a few clicks. With one-click options for some of the most commonly performs contact based reports, Tradepoint’s Quick Reports will enhance CRM capabilities in a business environment.

  • One click report generating for contacts, envelopes, and labels
  • Dynamically driven reports update and change as contact information does
  • Support for more than one report template
  • Options to customize Quick Reports to reflect a company’s look and feel
  • Email and file export options integrated into print preview screen
  • Extensive Opportunity management reporting including projections on sales and other reports to assist in the management of your sales team.
  • Customer Relationship Management reports that allow reporting based on any subsection of your leads and customers.
  • Mail merge directly from report results.


Tradepoint Enterprise System provides complete Quote Management services integrated with Opportunities. This allows you to manage your entire sales process and track all lead activity and with a single click create orders and invoices from those quotes streamlining your work flow:

  • One Click creation of quotes from Opportunities
  • Complete integration with product catalog and inventory
  • Manage complex discount rules and price lists.
  • See costing and margins to make informed decisions about discounting.
  • Extensive security rules for managing discounts and other functions.
  • One click create a quote from a Lead or Customer
  • One click create an order or invoice form a quote or line items on a quote.
  • Live shipping rates on the quote.
  • Link documents to quotes to ensure that all details are available within the quote

Business Process Automation

Companies with multiple work flow needs within an organization will appreciate the integrated work flow management tools within Tradepoint Enterprise. Business Process Management within Tradepoint Enterprise allows companies to define, shape and manage actions that are based on a previous action even if it is a simple as a potential customer registering for information on a website or a Newsletter registration on a website.

Tradepoint Enterprise’s Business Process Management is designed to automate actions at critical points in the customer relationship life cycle. This drives overall activity within your company, provides attention to customers while maximizing internal efficiency with any person to person contact with customers and partners. The result is a more streamlined software environment where Employees activity has a positive impact on revenue.

Tradepoint Business Process Management encompasses a wide range of actions and can be customized in numerous locations within the CRM tools in Tradepoint Enterprise.

  • Automate emails to be sent out based on a specific category or status
  • Create Call Logs and assign them to staff members for automated follow up in person
  • Create Tasks and assign individuals or Teams to follow up, ideal for companies using project management
  • Automatic notifications for staff members for open Tasks, Calls and Appointments
  • Define an Appointment based on a category or status, an ideal tool for companies with direct sales forces using a consultative sales approach



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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