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TimeLinx Software, LLC
800 Turnpike Street
Suite 300
North Andover, MA 01845-6156


Telephone:  (978) 662-1171
Toll Free:    
Fax:            (978) 662-1774
Email:  Contact TimeLinx


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Project Management
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

With TimeLinx, you don’t simply manage the work; you manage dollars and profits.

TimeLinx CRM Project Management software performs time and expense tracking as well as real-time analysis and reporting for managers across your organization — sales, marketing, service delivery, and finance/accounting. It captures not only hours worked, but calculates the associated “dollars” that help make your business profitable — revenues, profits, costs, margins and more.

Through TimeLinx, you manage all aspects of your service business. You use it daily to make your work, projects and staff more productive and profitable. Manage projects, tasks, resources, time entry, expenses, scheduling, tickets, and issues with a special focus on optimizing financial returns. With TimeLinx, you don’t simply manage the work, you manage the dollars.

Only TimeLinx puts all your information into one fully integrated system.

Managing your business with multiple applications such as web apps, custom databases and spreadsheets costs money. Eliminate the costs associated with licenses, maintenance, training, and support by integrating front office customer-facing applications and information into TimeLinx.

With TimeLinx, you manage your entire lifecycle:

  • Run the Campaigns.
  • Get the Leads.
  • Quote the work.
  • Forecast the opportunity and close the deal.
  • Manage, track and deliver accurate, profitable work.
  • Provide best-of-class customer service and technical support.
  • Nurture the relationship.

You track the complete lifecycle relationship! TimeLinx will automatically push all the computing revenues and costs into your General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, J/C, and A/P modules of your chosen accounting system!

About the Product:

Turn your CRM into a complete project management system.

For companies that need to track more than just customer relationship information, TimeLinx Web, LAN and Mobile editions extend both Sage CRM and SalesLogix through the entire Customer and Project lifecycle. TimeLinx allows you to track your prospects from marketing campaigns to opportunity through service delivery, customer service and/or tech support.

TimeLinx provides professional services functions that let you proactively manage time, expenses, projects, tasks, documents, staff resources, contracts, revenues, costs, profits, and much more.

360° view of clients and projects

A Sage Endorsed Solution, TimeLinx stores all client and project-related information in a single CRM-based system, eliminating the need and expense of maintaining multiple databases, spreadsheets, and other applications.

Your entire organization – from Sales to Senior Management – gains permission-based access to comprehensive information, eliminating information silos between departments and increasing efficiency and profitability.

TimeLinx Benefits*

  • Easily track billable & non-billable time and expenses for both internal and customer work.
  • Schedule and complete project activities directly using the system’s calendar.
  • Manage and schedule resources and activities via any browser with full visibility into consultant availability from anywhere in the world.
  • Employ flexible billing modes and rates, including progress billing on fixed-fee work.
  • Rapidly analyze profitability of projects, tasks, companies, consultants, time periods and more.
  • Manage project deadlines more efficiently with auto-alerts for critical project events.
  • Easily scale global deployments with multi-language and multicurrency products.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry via the fully-integrated bidirectional TimeLinx Accounting Platform (TAP)

*Certain features available only with specific TimeLinx Editions.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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