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Sunnytrail Insight Labs Inc.
350 – 1122 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC V6B 5L1


Toll Free:    


CRM Category: Selling on the Web – Cloud
Sub-Category: Social CRM
Seats: Small Business


About the Company:

Sunnytrail helps companies discover their influential customers and turn them into passionate advocates.

Stay in the loop

Never miss out again when an influential blogger, a journalist, a CEO or Vice president from an important company buys your product or service.

Drive positive word of mouth

Delight your influential customers by sending them a personalized thank you note, a gift or by offering them exclusive benefits.

Save valuable time

Looking to quickly reach out to someone influential among your customers? Identify the top influencers with the help of our powerful influence filter in seconds.

About the Product:

Be Smart About Engaging People Who Matter

  • Your business wins by delivering care and devotion to customers.
  • Still, your time is limited and you need to focus on the relationships that will drive profitable growth and word of mouth.
  • Sunnytrail does the legwork of gathering the information that helps you decide which customers need to be engaged.
  1. Know your users better – Learn quickly about the people that joined your service. See their faces, learn about what they do and who they work for, explore their interests and check their social profiles.
  2. Figure out who’s most important among your users – Some people have the ability to influence other people on Twitter, some work at important companies. Pick the ones you need to build relationships with.
    1. Important Professionals – Identify quickly the type of professionals you want to reach out to. Sunnytrail brings details about the occupations and workplaces of your users at your fingertips.
    2. Influencers – Identify users that share engaging content and can spread your message cheaply and quickly to highly targeted audiences in social networks.
  3. Reach out – At this moment you have the information necessary to start a personal conversation with the users who matter. Ask their feedback about the product and build up the relationship from there.
  4.  Stay in the loop – Get daily email notifications that summarize who are the people that joined your service and quickly spot the ones you want to build relationships with.



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