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Tender Support

This CRM Review examines Tender Support.

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Tender Support

411 NW Park Avenue
Suite 203
Portland, OR 97209-3357


Telephone:  (503) 877-3687
Toll Free:    


CRM Category: Customer Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: CRM/SFA
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

ENTP was created with the idea “if you get enough smart people in the room, anything is possible.” We are experts at architecting, designing, and implementing web applications using Ruby, Ruby on Rails™, and Javascript. We have core members of the Rails and Prototype teams on board and are responsible for some of the most distributed open source code in the world.

About the Product:

Beautifully simple customer support

We’ve built a simple helpdesk application that you and your customers will love. Take a few minutes and learn how Tender will streamline your customer support.

Collect Support Requests

We collect all your support requests and funnel them into your Tender site. From email, from the web, and from anywhere you can dream.

Organize Your Customer Care

Never let another support request slip through the cracks. Tender organizes your support in a simple way that makes sure you respond to every customer.

Help Your Customers Help Themselves

The best kind of support is the kind you don’t have to give. That’s why we take so much time building a smart Knowledge Base so your customers can help themselves.

A Seamless Experience

While we make sure Tender is beautiful in its default skin, we allow full customization. Make your support site feel like your brand, on your own domain.

Works With Your Existing Organization

Tender fits like a glove with your existing organization. Lighthouse synchronization keeps your developers in the loop.



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