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This CRM Review examines SproutLoud.

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SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC
15431 SW 14th Street
Sunrise, FL 33326-1937


Telephone:  (954) 476-6211
Toll Free:    (888) 274-3802
Fax:            (954) 332-4159


CRM Category: Selling on the Web – Cloud
Sub-Category: Social CRM/DistributedMarketing
Seats: Small Enterprise/Enterprise


About the Company:

SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC is a Technology Company focused on servicing the Brand and Marketing Resource Management needs of Large Corporate Networks.

SproutLoud helps brands manage and execute marketing programs with the local businesses that sell their products and services. Their web-based distributed marketing platform provides marketing services and tools in an easy to use interface, enabling local business marketers to access the materials they need in the media of their choice, customize them, and reach their target audience with brand-controlled messaging.

SproutLoud’s technology incorporates a set of leading strategies for one-to-one marketing to generate strong awareness with customers and/or prospects via Direct Mail, E-Mail, Search Engine Marketing and website implementation. We allow our clients to effectively enforce their brand and marketing materials presence, down to the local level.

SproutLoud acquired Synergy Brand Management in September 2012. Their industry leading talent and experience in the franchise industry has been incorporated into our growing team of professionals serving initiatives for distributed networks.

About the Product:

SproutLoud’s distributed marketing platform offers the raddest feature set available to maximize your brand’s marketing resources.

Co-Op Funds Management

Make the most of every marketing dollar. Our robust co-op funds management tool makes sure those allocated resources are automatically tracked, properly assigned and reconciled.

Marketing Planner

Display the timing of your brand’s marketing programs for multiple channels, in an easy to visualize format. Network members can also customize these calendars with their local programs.


Executing your awesome marketing activities is only part of the story, our analytics allow you to view the results at a birds-eye and local levels for maximum insight.

Automated Marketing Programs

Offer your network members email, direct mail or social marketing programs that run for them, automatically.

Triggered Communications

Offer your network members customized marketing assets that automatically launch based on their actions or dates.

List Management

Got peeps? Then you’ll need to make sure that you are collecting their data and communicating with them effectively. And if you don’t we can help you get some.

Web Form Builder

Need an easy way to collect your customer’s data from your website or social media page? The Web Form Builder tool allows you to create a customized form.

Online Store

Make it easier than going to the mall! Create a storefront for your brand’s collateral, premium and promotional items for ship-to-your-door delivery.

Homepage Builder

Brand a custom portal into the SproutLoud platform for your network members to access the assets you make available for their super-successful local marketing.

Asset Catalog

Make it easy for your network members to find the exact items they need from your resource database. Organize your assets by keyword, campaign theme or promotion.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


Rich’s View of SproutLoud:

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