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PowerTrax Pro

Soft Solutions Inc.
2900 Chamblee Tucker Road
Building 12, Suite 20
Atlanta, GA 30341

Telephone: (770) 457-9400
Toll Free:  
Fax:  (770) 454-9800

CRM Category: Strategic Solution – on Premise/Mac/Windows
Sub-Category: Contact Manager
Seats: Small Business


About the Company:

Soft Solutions was founded in 1988 with a sharp focus to providing real and lasting results for our customers.

During the last decade, we’ve grown to thousands of customers in more than 30 countries. Our staff and our team of programmers are committed to finding lasting solutions to business challenges through the development of software products and services.

Our customers need flexibility, fairness and efficiency. We strive to continually deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

  • Founded: 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Focus: Software Products and Development Services
  • Products: 4-Sight Fax, FaxPack, PDF Direct, SchedulePack, DataStrike!, Consultation & Design Services

Soft Solutions Mission and Objectives

We respect the individual. We believe fellow employees, customers and vendors should be treated with respect and in return, will cooperate and give their best. Our approach to each relationship is one of respectful cooperation.

We treat our customers right. We use each “contact” as an opportunity for building and improving relationships with a personal objective to make customers want to do business with Soft Solutions.

We require integrity and complete honesty in everything we do.

We make commitments after careful consideration and then fulfill them.

We are accountable for our work and promises and expect the same from others with whom we work. We own our assignments and take pride and responsibility for completing them on time with accuracy. We double-check any work before releasing it to ensure it is done to the best of our ability.

We have a heart for service. We do more than that is expected of us, so there are no questions about the value of our service.

We enjoy competition. We strive to understand our competition, their employees, products and business practices, making it a personal goal to exceed these.

We strive to produce best-of-class products and services in all we do. All products and processes are in a state of continuous improvement.

We are frugal. We guard and conserve the company’s resources with the same vigil we guard our personal resources.

We maintain a sense of urgency on customer-related matters.

We are fair, ethical, friendly and compassionate in our business dealings.

Clarity on understanding our mission, goals and expectations from each other is critical to our success.


About the Product:

PowerTrax® Pro combines all the tools you need into one. From contact management and scheduling to order tracking and word processing, it’s all here. Take a closer look at these powerful features:

Content Management

PowerTrax® Pro is incredibly flexible when it comes to commission tracking. Commissions can be tracked by sales team, by sales rep, by territory, by customer, or by principal. And once the checks come in, handling those payments is a breeze. One PowerTrax® Pro module handles it all. No other rep software offers this feature. If you’re a manufacturer’s rep, you can apply a single commission check to multiple orders. If you’re a buy/sell rep, a single check can be applied to multiple invoices.

Direct Faxing

Why wait in line at the fax machine when you can fax your Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Letters directly from your own computer? PowerTrax® Pro supports direct desktop faxing on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms, and works exclusively with the leading fax engines on each platform — Symantec Winfax Pro on Windows and 4-Sight PowerFax on Mac OS. By using PowerTrax® Pro’s database as an address book, each user can perform everything from a single personalized fax message to a high volume fax merge or broadcast. PowerTrax® Pro’s user-friendly Fax options dialog makes it easy to select fax options such as resolution, priority, delay, whether or not to use a cover page, and which files (if any) to enclose.

Email Integration

PowerTrax® Pro’s fully integrated e-mail system includes all the powerful features found in leading standalone e-mail applications:

  • user-defined e-mail preferences
  • personal address books for individual or group addresses
  • support for enclosures
  • multiple folders for filing messages
  • complete import/export capability for addresses

PDF Generation

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most commonly used document format in the world and the most widely used format for viewing on-line documents. Soft Solutions’ proprietary PDF generator, PDF Direct, is integrated within PowerTrax® Pro giving you the ability to generate PDF versions of your documents right from within PowerTrax® Pro. Quotes, Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Sales Letters can all be easily saved as PDF and attached to your e-mail transmissions. Attaching a PDF document within an e-mail transmission is universally appealing because of its speed and thrift. Similarly, in comparison to a faxed document, PDF has no loss of resolution as it delivers your documents in the same format they were created. Creating PDF versions of your PowerTrax Pro documents is quick and easy. For example, suppose you want to save a personalized sales letter as a PDF and e-mail it to a group of contacts. Just click the ‘PDF Merge’ button on the Letters screen to bring up the PDF Options dialog. Select your options, then click ‘PDF’. It’s that easy!

Pricing Schedules

PowerTrax® Pro makes it easy to manage the multi-tiered price schedules required by many principals. Here’s how simple it is:

  • Create one or more price schedules for a principal, specifying the schedule name, your commission rate, and any discounts or volume pricing.
  • Assign the price schedule(s) to the principal’s products.
  • Assign the price schedule(s) to your customer’s record in PowerTrax Pro.
  • When the customer orders the principal’s product, PowerTrax® Pro will automatically display the price specified by the price schedule(s).

Sales Automation

Your business is all about selling. The more efficient your sales process is, the more sales you can make. PowerTrax® Pro’s sales automation features are designed to give you that efficiency. Keywords PowerTrax® Pro gives you the ability to assign keywords to any contact or company. By grouping contacts or companies together using keywords, you can quickly find the people you want to target with a sales promotion. Opportunities and Forecasting Accurate forecasting and tracking of sales opportunities allows you to set goals, assess your progress towards sales targets and provides valuable information when you’re preparing budgets. PowerTrax® Pro has full forecasting and opportunity tracking capabilities, including a weighted scale that adjusts the dollar figure of an opportunity based on its probability of closing. Multi-user Rep Scheduling In your business, keeping track of appointments and commitments is crucial. Soft Solutions’ proprietary “drag and drop” scheduler, SchedulePack, is integrated within PowerTrax® Pro providing a full suite of seamless scheduling tools. Click here for more details. Fax and E-mail Integration When you want to get your sales message out fast, rely on PowerTrax® Pro’s built-in fax and e-mail features to do the job quickly and reliably. Full Import/Export Facilities PowerTrax® Pro gives you full import and export capabilities for your data. Suppose you have a booth at a trade show and gather hundreds of contact addresses with a card swipe machine. Instead of manually entering those contacts into a database, PowerTrax® Pro lets you import the text file generated by the card swiper with the click of a button. If you need to share your data, the information in your PowerTrax® Pro database can be exported in a variety of formats so that it can be used in other applications such as spreadsheet programs.


Soft Solutions’ proprietary “drag and drop” scheduler, SchedulePack, is integrated within PowerTrax® Pro providing a full suite of seamless scheduling tools. The PowerTrax Pro Calendar lets you see all of your activities and appointments at a glance. You can also use the Calendar to add, delete, and edit items or print your schedule.


Don’t waste valuable selling time looking for information! PowerTrax Pro’s precise, flexible search capabilities let you find the data you need — FAST! Use the Quick Find dialog for simple searches such as “find all contacts in Atlanta with the last name Smith”. For complex, multi-argument searches such as “find every company in Michigan whose name starts with ‘S’ and has made purchases of $5000 or more in the last 12 months”, the PowerTrax Pro Query Editor is up to the task. You can create your own search conditions on the fly or simply load up a pre-configured search filter. From simple to highly complex data searches, PowerTrax Pro gets it done!

Transaction Processing

Whether you’re a sales agent, a stocking rep or a reseller, PowerTrax® Pro can handle all the transaction types that you use: Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and Purchase Orders. And it’s all done from one easy to use input screen.

Word Processing

Communicating your marketing message to customers is the key to any sales effort. Whether you’re getting in touch with a new prospect or following up with customers for repeat business, letters are an important part of getting your message across. PowerTrax® Pro’s robust, fully integrated word processor lets you create custom business letters that can be merged with your Contact records, then printed or faxed directly from within PowerTrax® Pro. The word processor comes standard with spell checking, fax and mail merge capabilities, style sheets and Hot-Links support.



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