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Smart Software, Inc.
4 Hill Road
Belmont, MA 02178-4349


Telephone:  (617) 489-2743
Toll Free:    (800) 762-7899
Fax:            (617) 489-2748


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Quotas & Sales Forecasting
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Since its founding in 1984, Smart Software has been a leader in providing enterprise-wide demand forecasting, demand planning, and inventory optimization solutions. Today thousands of manufacturing, marketing and inventory professionals around the globe use our flagship product, SmartForecasts®, to plan for demand and drive a more efficient supply chain. Our customers include industry leaders such as Monsanto, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Abbott Laboratories, Disneyland Resorts, GE and The Coca-Cola Company, as well as hundreds of mid- and small market enterprises.

Our success is built on continuous innovation. We listen to our customers and consistently deliver what they need next. Our patented, award-winning method for intermittent demand forecasting, for instance, has yielded major inventory cost reductions for many of our customers. We also pioneered the use of automatic statistical forecasting, product line forecasting, interactive graphical adjustment of forecast results to reflect business judgment, and other innovations designed to make the forecasting process easy, realistic, and accurate.

Smart Software can help you incorporate state-of-the-art sales and demand forecasting solutions into your business, optimize safety stocks and service level inventory requirements, and develop or improve your S&OP process.

With these solutions, you can manage the future of your business much more effectively. You can increase forecast accuracy, reduce inventory levels, improve customer service, take control of your supply chain, and save millions of dollars annually—because with Smart Software, you See What’s Next!

Smart Software delivers its solutions and services directly and through its network of partners and distributors. The company is headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts.

About the Product:

Whether you’re a new planner or an experienced manager, SmartForecasts® handles your toughest forecasting and planning challenges and delivers bottom-line results you can measure immediately. SmartForecasts is designed to produce fast, accurate forecasts of sales, product demand, safety stock, inventory levels and other key business variables based on its powerful, automated set of statistical forecasting capabilities and your business judgment.

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers can easily create accurate demand forecasts for each product item they produce and sell. They can also optimize their inventories with accurate reports of item-specific safety stock requirements necessary to hit the inventory “sweet spot” –the amount of inventory which minimizes costs while satisfying service level goals. SmartForecasts accomplishes all this at processing speeds exceeding 250,000 items per hour on a standard Windows workstation.

In addition, SmartForecasts helps to meet the needs of today’s complex business planning environment by integrating your company’s forecasting and planning processes. You can integrate SmartForecasts directly with all major ERP and SCM systems, as well as host databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and IBM DB2. You can share forecast results easily with all facets of your corporate planning system, and in a form your company can readily use in all its planning processes. As a result, you identify problems faster, make better use of resources, and develop plans that lead to better decisions and better management of corporate assets.

All the tools and capabilities you require

SmartForecasts’ impressive capabilities are designed to handle nearly every forecasting and demand planning scenario your business might encounter.

For starters, SmartForecasts’ Automatic statistical forecasting capability provides fast, accurate forecasts for huge numbers of product items—at the click of a mouse. SmartForecasts selects the best forecasting method for your data and handles all the math, automatically accounting for trends and seasonal patterns. The special promotion planning and modeling capability measures the effects of promotions and other special events and incorporates them into future forecasts. And, if your company experiences irregular, “slow-moving” demand for its service parts or finished goods, SmartForecasts’ patented intermittent demand forecasting technology (sold separately) provides the best forecasting and planning solution on the market today.

In addition, with SmartForecasts’ interactive “eyeball” graphics and Trend Hedging features, you can easily adjust statistical results directly on-screen based on your business knowledge and judgment, leading to more realistic forecasts and informed planning decisions.

Powerful yet easy to use

Users of SmartForecasts rave about its familiar Excel-like user interface, which is exceptionally easy to learn and use. The interface includes the following:

  • Synchronized windows displays to simultaneously view product data, forecast graphs and reports
  • Full Excel file compatibility and Copy/Paste capabilities to transfer data to and from other Windows applications
  • Built-in email links to distribute results to your colleagues
  • Context-sensitive Help system to explain not only how to use a program feature but also when and why to use it.

To satisfy different business needs, SmartForecasts is available in two powerful editions:

  • SmartForecasts Enterprise, Smart Software’s flagship product, provides full forecasting functionality, database connectivity, intermittent demand planning capability (sold separately), inventory optimization, and unlimited data capacity for companies managing thousands or even hundreds of thousands of product items.
  • SmartForecasts Commercial is a complete sales and demand forecasting solution that is designed to handle smaller forecasting jobs quickly and automatically.


For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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