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This CRM Review examines Incite2.

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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Opportunity Management
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Improving Sales Performance with Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their sales objectives.

Our Purpose

To make the complex job of qualifying a lead and selling over the phone easier and more productive.

Our Experience

Our products are the result of decades of sales experience; groundbreaking research and thousands of consulting hours spent helping customers improve their sales organizations. Please ask us for a customer reference… they are our best salespeople.

Our Market

Our offerings are focused on helping sales professionals and sales management.  Our products and services establish successful, repeatable processes that can be measured and reported.  ShadeTree recognized an enormous void in solutions for improving sales conversations.  ShadeTree’s focus is unique and a key reason why you should talk to us.

Our Product

Our breakthrough product, Incite2, is the world’s first comprehensive solution for improving telephone conversations and calling productivity for use with

About the Product:

The Problem Incite2 is Solving

  • Efficiency – Enabling Sales Professionals to Make More Calls and Have More Conversations
  • Effectiveness – Qualifying a Higher Percent of Leads into Opportunities

Where does Incite2 fit into your organization?

Selling organizations are generally focused on improvements in these three areas:

  • Lead Generation – Identifying Names to Call
  • Lead Qualification – Calling to Qualify and to a next step of a sales activity
  • Deal Management – Creating and Justifying a Solution that will be purchased

Email marketing and electronic programs including social media focus in Lead Generation… and only go so far in developing leads. In business-to-business sales, salespeople eventually need to pick up the phone to call a prospect. This is where Incite2 begins to add value to your selling process… increasing Lead Qualification performance and developing stronger opportunities.

Incite2 – Increasing Lead Qualification Performance

Incite2 enables sales professionals to be more effective:

  • Making more dials – which leads to more conversations
  • Having better conversations – which delivers more qualified leads
  • Developing prospects – lowering opportunity attrition, shortening sales cycles and having more accurate and achievable sales forecasts


For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


Rich’s View of Incite2:

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Short List:

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