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Scribe Insight

Scribe Software Corporation
1750 Elm Street
Suite 200
Manchester, NH 03104-2903


Telephone:  (603) 622-5109
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CRM Category: Enterprise Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Application Integration
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Scribe was founded in 1995 to address a new problem for business at the time – how to integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications and data into the rest of the enterprise. Now, 17 years later we are the leading provider of CRM integration solutions. During those 17 years we’ve seen data integration evolve from simple point to point integration for on-premise applications to today’s active integration hubs combining data from multiple applications across multiple platforms.

The emergence of cloud platforms, the explosion of data and the development of new avenues for information – social media, mobile – make the role of integration one of critical importance for any business. The companies that succeed in bringing together essential pieces of information across their business will sell more, service better and ultimately compete more effectively in their markets.

I joined Scribe in 2010 at a critical juncture for both the integration industry and Scribe. Integration providers must now be able to support multi-platform, multi-application integrations with ease as well as global workforces. Scribe for its part launched Scribe Online – a flexible, scalable cloud based platform for integration – in 2011 to complement its flagship Scribe Insight solution. Throughout the year, Scribe has continuously launched new integration services on the Scribe Online platform. An evolving platform that will continue to grow, Scribe Online supports both end customer integrations and our very robust partner ecosystem.

As I look to the future, it’s bright. I see integration continuing as a pivotal piece of the puzzle for businesses worldwide. At Scribe, we will continue to build on our experience and offer leading integration solutions for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. We will continue to provide our partners with flexible, scalable solutions that allow them to be successful with their customers.

Bring on the data, we’ll integrate it.

About the Product:

The Scribe Data Integration Solutions help companies of all sizes achieve a competitive advantage through the successful integration of data and applications in cloud, hybrid and premise environments.

Scribe Online Platform & Services

A true cloud integration platform, Scribe Online allows users to build, deploy, manage and maintain integrations anywhere they have internet connectivity. No heavy-weight software or hidden hosting costs. Whether connecting cloud to cloud or cloud to ground, Scribe Online has users covered with both cloud agents and lightweight, secure agents that can be installed behind the firewall.

Services include:

Replication ServicesIntegration ServicesConnectors and Solution Paks

Scribe Insight

Scribe Insight delivers enterprise ready, software based integration for CRM systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and and ERP systems such as SAP and Peoplesoft. With a rich history of simplifying data integration across complex enterprise environments, Scribe Insight provides an intuitive user experience to help companies integrate and connect their data and applications with no custom coding. Upgrades and additions are quick and easy.

Services include:



Scribe’s integration solutions connect a wide range of data and applications to the people that need it most in an organization. Scribe provides this connectivity through its Connectors and SolutionPaks.

Scribe Connectors help users connect key business applications without any coding, just configure and go. Partners and ISVs can take advantage of Scribe’s Connector Development Kit (CDK) to build their own connectors for repeatable, customized data integration solutions.

Scribe SolutionPaks work in conjunction with Scribe Online and are available to all subscribers at no additional cost. Get started quickly with pre-built mappings to popular applications, including QuickBooks, Go-to-Webinar and more!


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