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This CRM Review examines SAS® Customer Intelligence.

In-Depth CRM Review

SAS® Customer Intelligence

SAS Institute Inc.
100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary, NC 27513-2414


Telephone:  (919) 677-8000
Toll Free:     (800) 727-0025
Fax:               (919) 677-4444
Email:  Contact SAS


CRM Category: Marketing Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Marketing Automation
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

SAS helps organizations anticipate business opportunities, empower action and drive impact. We do this through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into meaningful information. The result? Fact-based decisions for undeniable bottom line impact – this is how we transform the way our customers do business.

Why SAS is different

Commitment to Customers: Driven to solve customer business problems, privately-held SAS works closely with customers in all stages of research and development to ensure that they get the most out of new offerings. More than 13,000 employees across more than 400 SAS offices provide local,hands-on support for customers whenever and wherever they need it. Customer loyalty, evidenced by long-standing SAS user communities and a strong renewal history, echoes this customer partnership and our shared commitment to a successful future.

People & Skills: SAS’ most important asset is its “creative capital,” in the words of Chief Executive Officer Jim Goodnight. The technical and domain expertise of our employees helps SAS lead the way in high-performance analytics, empowering our customers to tackle complex problems using big data.

Technology: Organizations have THE POWER TO KNOW® through the combined strengths of SAS solutions and technologies.

SAS = the analytics of the future

Customers see tangible results time after time with SAS software and services. So it’s no surprise that the company continues consistent revenue growth this year. SAS is used at more than 65,000 sites in over 135 countries, including 90 of the top 100 companies on the 2012 Fortune Global 500® list. What next generation approaches will your organization use?


About the Product:

SAS® Customer Intelligence

Integrated Marketing Management.

More Revenue, Less Guesswork.

Plan Better. Market Better.

Plan and manage your marketing programs – start to finish – more efficiently and effectively than you ever thought possible with marketing strategy and planning solutions that enable you to:

  • Streamline marketing operations by integrating and automating key processes and workflows.
  • Know which marketing activities are working and which ones aren’t – and why – by using a single marketing dashboard to measure and analyze all your marketing projects.
  • Link marketing performance to real revenue using financial management capabilities for collaborative planning, allocation, budgeting and program execution.
  • Get the most value from your digital assets with content management capabilities that offer a secure infrastructure for managing and distributing digital assets.

Don’t Just Guess. Know.

Gut-feel marketing won’t get the results you’re after. Make smarter, fact-based decisions based on insights derived from relevant data and powerful analytics, so you can:

  • Understand your customers better than ever, and develop more relevant, targeted campaigns using modern data classification techniques – segmentation, clustering, social network analysis, etc.
  • Trust your data and the decisions they fuel by infusing data quality and management into your processes for consistent, accurate and timely data that’s ready for analysis.
  • Predict how customers will act in the future by analyzing their past behavior using leading-edge forecasting and modeling routines.
  • Know which customers are most and least valuable – and why – by calculating customer lifetime value and profitability at a more granular level than has ever been possible.

Make It Personal. And Relevant.

Customers don’t just want offers that are relevant and personal – they expect them. Meet their expectations with orchestration and interaction solutions that will help you keep customers fully engaged.

  • Produce analytically driven customer communications – inbound and outbound – using best-in-class campaign management software.
  • Make the most of each customer contact by optimizing campaigns to deliver the right offer via the right channel at the right time.
  • Enhance campaign effectiveness by delivering communications across all channels – point of sale, social, online, mobile, etc.
  • Build more profitable customer relationships by using event- or trigger-based marketing to treat each customer as a “segment of one.”

Turn Customers into Brand Evangelists.

You may know which choices customers made, but do you know why they made them? How do they feel about their choices and their interactions with your brand? SAS offers solutions for monitoring and understanding customer behaviors at every touch point, so you can:

  • Know what your customers say about you in social media – and who is listening – and tie that information back into customer profile data.
  • Understand online customer behavior and navigation by capturing every website interaction across all your online properties.
  • Deliver well-timed, personalized offers by acting on customer behaviors – e.g., website abandonment – in real time.
  • Generate a complete customer profile by combining customer experience data with offline data from other channels.
  • See what some of our customers are doing.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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