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SalesNexus LLC
600 N. Shepherd Drive
Suite 301
Houston, Texas 77007-1327

Telephone: (713) 862-0001
Toll Free:  (888) 267-3589
Email: Contact SalesNexus

CRM Category: Strategic Solution – Cloud
Sub-Category: Contact Manager/Email Marketing
Seats: Small Business/Mid-Market


About the Company:

SalesNexus believes that when businesses grow, we all grow… Our employees, our customers, our families and our communities. SalesNexus’ online CRM software is built by salespeople for salespeople.

SalesNexus’ mission is to help businesses grow by making marketing and selling easier, more focused on human connection and less stressful.

Selling is tough. Running a business is tough. Lots of stress. Lots of pressure to produce results and nowhere to hide from accountability.

Think of SalesNexus sales CRM as sales heaven. You are among friends here. People that understand where you’re coming from. People that work hard every day to take the “work” out of selling for you so that you can focus on the people part of selling. That’s what you enjoy after all and that’s what creates value in relationships.

We believe that you’ll be successful if you can focus your attention on your customers. Our job is to maximize the time you have to do just that. Less paperwork. Less searching for the latest status or that last contract. And just as important, smarter tools to help you connect with more customers who are ready to connect with you, your products and services and your company.

SalesNexus was founded by Craig Klein in 2002. Originally built as a web based version of the popular ACT! contact management software, SalesNexus was the first company to offer CRM online hosting of ACT! databases. While SalesNexus is still the only web based CRM software to allow you to transfer your entire ACT! database to the web, we’ve grown far beyond our ACT! beginnings.

Today we provide online CRM and email marketing to thousands of sales teams all over the world. We’re different in that we recognize that one size fits all won’t work in the long run. You’re unique. Your business is unique and your customers are unique individuals. SalesNexus is focused on making it easy for you to tailor the solution to fit you, your business and your customers.

That means we’re here to help. We won’t hide behind an email address. We’re going to reach out and get to know you, your processes and your market so we can help you get where you’re going.

We believe that’s a big reason why SalesNexus keeps its CRM customers 25% longer than our largest competitor.


About the Product:

SalesNexus is a complete online contact management solution for organizations that want the benefits of an online, web-based environment. SalesNexus has all of the standard and popular features you’d expect in a professional contact management software

Access Your Data, Anytime, Anywhere in Real Time

No matter where you are, from virtually any computer you can login to SalesNexus and never miss a beat. Access your contacts, documents, proposals, calendar, notes, and more.

No Syncing! Collaborate and Share Data Effortlessly

With SalesNexus, everyone uses one central database. No more frustration trying to sync, writing over each other’s files and records, or having out-of-date data.

No Software or Hardware to Buy

Since SalesNexus is completely web-based, there is no expensive software or server hardware to buy or maintain. This means significant cost savings and less burden on your IT resources.

Totally Customizable and Scalable

Your business is unique. Salesnexus specializes in customizing our technology to fit your specific needs. Easily add unlimited fields, create unique mail merge emails and letters, generate reports that keep your fingers on the pulse of your business in the click of a button.

Secure Hosting and Automated Backups

SalesNexus is fully hosted at our state-of-the-art hosting facility, your data is safe, secure, and available at all times. No need to worry about backing up data, we take care of all the IT hassles.

Affordable and Lower Cost of Ownership

When compared to similar solutions, SalesNexus has a significantly lower cost of ownership. The longer you use it, and them more sales reps you add, the greater the cost savings! With no software or hardware to buy or support, and unlimited support and training, SalesNexus is a very smart fiscal choice.

Email Integration and Support

All inbound and outgoing emails between a contact, and anyone in your organization can automatically be fetched, and attached to the SalesNexus system. No more manually switching between applications to locate an email. Everyone stays in the loop associated with an account or contact.

Mobile Phone/Handheld Integration and Support

Access, add, edit, or delete your contacts, calendar events and tasks from most any mobile device. Supports Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm OS, and any SyncML enabled phone.

Sync with Outlook

Contacts, Calendars and Tasks can be synchronized with Outlook (bi-directional) so you can share calendars and contacts with team members not using SalesNexus.

Familiar and Easy to Use Interface

The SalesNexus is based on popular applications such as ACT! And Goldmine. If you’ve ever used either, you’ll be completely comfortable working with SalesNexus.

Intelligent Sales Design and Workflow

SalesNexus was designed by veteran sales pros, not engineers. It is setup around best practice sales and marketing processes so you can focus on capturing new leads, and moving them through the funnel, tracking your progress the whole way.

Robust and Always Up-To-Date Reporting

You don’t have to wait for your field reps to ‘sync in’. Create, view, and export the reports that are meaningful to you using our easy-to-use report wizards.

Live Support and Training w/ the SalesNexus Success Team

One of the main reasons our customers choose, and stay with us, is our commitment to support and training. Live support via phone, chat, and email is included with SalesNexus at no additional charge. Training videos, and instructor led tele-classes, both public and private, help ensure your team will make the most of SalesNexus.

Free Upgrades and Enhancements

SalesNexus is continually adding additional features and enhancements to the system, all of which are at no additional charge to the user and seamless.



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