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Sales Force Systems Inc.
7790 SW 145th Street
Palmetto Bay, FL 33158-1649


Telephone:  (305) 253-9470
Toll Free:    


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Sales Force Systems™ specializes in sales performance improvement. Our mission is to increase our client’s win rate and revenue by providing customer centric, repeatable selling solutions that immediately improve sales effectiveness and productivity. We will help you improve your win ratio, shorten your sales cycle and increase the effectiveness of your sales force. We deliver immediate results and measurable improvement.


Provide executive-level sales training and state-of-the-art sales software solutions for companies involved in complex selling situations. Our goal is to help our clients attain a competitive advantage by understanding and effectively communicating the unique value that they can apply to their customer’s business problems.


The Business Value Selling ® process is the only truly integrated Sales Training, Sales Opportunity Management System, and Sales Activity Monitoring Portal available today.

Each Sales Force Systems™ instructor is a senior sales executive that has consistently demonstrated their ability to help sales people win business fast. Each sales training workshop that we deliver is designed to generate new business and revenue within the current business period.


Sales Force Systems™ is much more than a sales training or software company. We bring a wealth of experience to each of our client’s unique situations. Our services range from delivering customized sales training programs to helping CEOs develop business plans and strategies to successfully compete in their changing markets. We discover unique ways to help our clients differentiate themselves from their competition, and then help them quickly implement the solutions and attain a competitive advantage. We deliver the highest ROI and fastest payback in the industry. Guaranteed!

About the Product:

Selling tools for sales teams that compete in complex selling situations.

Business Value Selling automated tools help sales teams protect and grow their important accounts, develop value-based sales strategies and sales call plans that will differentiate your company from the competition. BVS eTools provide an automated, easily customizable platform to develop territory plans, account plans, opportunity plans and sales call plans. Business Value Selling automation users experience increased win rates, accurate forecasts and shorter sales cycles.


Automated selling tools should mirror your company’s unique selling process, and provide sales teams with the functionality that they need to win business. The award winning Business Value Selling Knowledge Engine automatically creates sales plans and strategies based upon best practices. The interactive Sales Genie, the just in time sales coach, tells sales people what to do next to increase their chance to win as they move their customers through the sales cycle.

Instant access to all sales information and the ability to remotely monitor and coach your sales people will deliver an accurate and believable forecast and the results you need to surpass quota objectives.


MySalesGPS answers the question “what’s my chance to win, and what can I do to improve it?” The tool helps you focus on business you can win, and reduce time spent pursuing accounts you cannot.

MySalesGPS provides three important benefits:

  • It provides an actual percent to close based upon qualitative analysis.
  • It identifies strengths in your sales strategy.
  • It identifies problems early in the sales cycle and then creates an effective action plan to help you improve your chance to win.

Use MySalesGPS to determine where your sales strategy is strong, and where it needs work. The tool provides nine important questions or things to think about as you compete for your customer’s business.

  1. The customer’s business problem and Need-to-Buy
  2. Your solution fit (as perceived by the customer)
  3. The customer’s decision-making process
  4. Your Inside-Sales Person (ISP) or coach
  5. Your access to executive-level decision makers
  6. Your competitive awareness
  7. Your influence on the customer’s buying criteria
  8. The customer’s funding or budget commitment
  9. The customer’s buying history

Based on your answers, MySalesGPS uses a unique algorithm developed over decades of sales practice to output a series of specific actions you should do to improve your chance to win.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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