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This CRM Review examines Sales Performance System.

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Sales Performance System

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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Richardson is recognized for our thought leadership in sales performance improvement, specifically in the areas of sales and coaching. We introduced the concept of Consultative Selling into the sales lexicon over 30 years ago and have trained over two million sales and sales management professionals’ to-date. Research is core to Richardson, and we conduct over 1,000 interviews with senior-line sales professionals each year to validate our methodology to ensure our programs are updated and are kept ahead of the curve. We remain true to “Consultative Selling” as a customer-centric philosophy.

We continue to adapt, refine, and add to our core products and models and provide new high-impact offerings such as CRM-enabled tools, diagnostics, and talent management. We invest in technology, conduct and stay abreast of relevant research, and develop and add best practices to our body of sales knowledge. We are innovative in our solutions and continue to add to our capabilities so that we may add value to our clients and support them in achieving their business goals. Please visit our BLOG to see our latest thinking

About the Product:

Richardson’s Sales Performance System (SPS) is a proven, end-to-end integrated process that Richardson uses to diagnose your needs and develop truly customized solutions that lead to sustained sales performance improvement. Our system enables you to focus on critical sales methodologies and skills that change behavior, improve performance, and drive results. Specifically, the SPS:

  • Ensures the readiness of your sales organization — its processes, methodology, and talent
  • Accelerates the development and performance of your team — through highly relevant training
  • Achieves sustained performance improvement — through coaching, reinforcement, and CRM-embedded tools

Define Sales Process

Richardson understands the complexities of today’s changing sales environment and works with clients to align the new realities with predictive measures of their success.Achieving a state of Readiness involves a measured approach to mapping an effective sales process, identifying leading indicators of performance, and helping field professionals to move successfully through the sales pipeline.

Sales Process & Methodology

We dig into the details of success stories. We review and challenge your existing best practices. And we layer in best practices from other high-performing companies.

Key Performance Indicators

We look for leading indicators of performance – true verifiable outcomes – that can provide immediate visibility into the status, quality, and confidence of an opportunity in the sales pipeline.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management is all about the relentless application of the sales process. What allows sales leaders to track progress, and make course corrections, are the verifiable outcomes that have been identified for each stage of the process.


Rich’s View of Sales Performance System:

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Short List:

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