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CRM Category: Internet Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Membership Site
Seats: Small/Medium Business


About the Company:

Liquifusion Studios provides technology consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses. We have a core group of business technology specialists who are creative, reliable and hard-working.

Doug Harrison

Founder & President

Doug passed the CPA exam in 1990 and began his career with Price Waterhouse.  As an auditor, he worked with clients such as Walt Disney, Tupperware and Baxter Industries. He started his own consulting business in 1999 and has been providing custom database and website development to various small businesses and state agencies ever since.  His focus has been working with small business owners to make their businesses more effective through the use of technology.  Doug uses his extensive financial and small business background to your advantage when building database and online systems.

About the Product:

Reservoir Membership Sites. Easy to Manage. Built for Growth.

Managing a membership website can be a complicated and expensive hassle—and you have better things to do than try to find your way through a complex website interface. That’s why we built Reservoir to be as automated and simple to run as possible. Reservoir’s full array of user-friendly features include:

Powerful CRM Integration

Entering the same data on multiple websites can be a nightmare – that’s why Reservoir is integrated with two of the most powerful CRM systems on the planet – Infusionsoft® and OfficeAutopilot. When members sign up or update their profiles on your Reservoir site, your CRM software is automatically updated, without your having to lift a finger – and that goes for updated credit card information too. Members can also pay membership and other invoices directly through this system.

Simple Content Updates

You want an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that makes updating your website a breeze – and Reservoir provides just that.

Order Form Integration

Want to make an Order Form a part of your Reservoir membership site? Not a problem. Just insert the order form URL, and Reservoir will create a secure form that seamlessly makes it look like one of your site’s pages – without any special styling required on your end. And, of course, when a member fills out the order form, the info gets posted directly to your CRM.

Instant Stats

What are your clients doing on your membership site? Which of them are the most active and the most valuable? Reservoir brings you easily-accessible real-time analytics that let you review site activity at a glance.

SEO That’s A Snap

You don’t need an SEO expert to optimize your Reservoir site – not with the robust built-in features we provide to you. We not only make it as easy as possible for search engines to find you, but we also automatically notify them when you update your content.

Easy Member Management

If you’re not taking care of your members, your membership site subscriptions will suffer. We help you avoid that scenario by letting you know who’s having log-on problems or other issues with your site. We also update your compatible CRM with usage data so you know how recently a member has been on your site; that way you can reach out to absent members and encourage a return visit.

Multiple Member Groups

Do you offer different tiers of membership to clients? Do you have different groups of members who are only allowed access to certain areas? With Reservoir, you can “lock down” content for multiple member groups with just one click of your mouse.

“Mystery Shop” Your Site

Want to make sure your Reservoir site is working as it should be? We make it easy with our “Impersonate” feature – which enables you to log on as if you were one of your own members. See your membership website through your clients’ eyes – and put it to the ultimate test.

One Password Fits All

Your members don’t want the nightmare of multiple log-ons and passwords for different membership site features such as forums and restricted web pages – Reservoir makes one log-on work for everything. That’s convenience your clients will appreciate.



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