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This CRM Review examines Porter Research Competitive Analysis.

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Porter Research Competitive Analysis

Porter Research
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Telephone:  (678) 282-1188
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CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Business Intelligence
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Today’s economy has highlighted the challenges and opportunities faced by companies trying to expand. Customers are demanding more than ever and holding their business partners to higher standards for value, service and solutions. Porter Research helps its clients become high performance businesses by delivering actionable market intelligence and research insight.

Porter diligently works to understand and assess each client’s unique needs and build a customized business-to-business research program to achieve the desired goals. Combining unparalleled experience, proven methodologies and knowledge-based analysis, Porter provides the unbiased results that clients need to make informed strategic business decisions.

With significant experience working with Fortune 500 healthcare companies, the Porter executive team has built a significant practice in the healthcare technology, provider, payer and life sciences sectors.

About the Product:

Competitive Analysis

“A Marketing and Sales Intelligence Tool” 

In today’s market it isn’t enough just to keep up with the competition – you have to be a step (or two!) ahead of it. Only by understanding the competitive marketplace – including strengths and weaknesses of competitors and customer perceptions of the vendors serving the market – can your organization form a strategy to successfully differentiate itself. Porter develops a competitive analysis framework to meet the unique needs for each client to:

  • Gain insight into competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and how your company compares in key areas
  • Understand the primary factors that went into the customer’s decision to select a particular vendor
  • Measure customer brand awareness and perceptions
  • Develop a strategic road map, as well as define tactical activities, based on your competitive positioning
  • Learn what messaging resonates with your audience
  • Gauge reactions to possible changes in the marketplace such as a new product introduction or a change in pricing strategy
  • Identify future partnership opportunities

Competitive analysis can help your company minimize risk when making critical decisions, validating management’s business initiatives and defining the organization as a proactive leader in the marketplace rather than a reactionary follower.



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