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Performance Methods

This CRM Review examines Performance Methods.

In-Depth CRM Review

Performance Methods

Performance Methods, Inc.

Atlanta, GA


Telephone:  (770) 777-6611
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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Based in Atlanta, GA, PMI provides consulting and training services to assist clients in the design, development and deployment of customer engagement best practices. PMI’s unique approach provides clients with customized and integrated solutions consisting of sales processes, best practices and consultative selling skills. PMI has been selected by many of the world’s leading corporations as their sales best practices partner and has been widely recognized for the innovation, effectiveness and the strength of its contemporary suite of customized sales performance solutions.

PMI creates worldwide client value and coverage through its global partnership with Mercuri International, the world’s largest sales training and development consultancy, and is an active participant and sponsor in the Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA), the world’s largest non-profit community of sales best practices.

About the Product:


PMI’s team has successfully implemented best practices solutions that equip and enable our clients to engage and execute more effectively and consistently with their customers.

PMI’s approach to sales best practices and our customer engagement framework and methodology sustain our clients throughout changes in go-to-market strategies, competitive landscapes, technology lifecycles, new product/solution launches and account executive turnover.

PMI’s unique approach to assessing client needs, designing and developing customized sales solutions and deploying/implementing best practices (utilizing a dynamic, hands-on, highly participative workshop experience) has helped our clients achieve sales objectives while exceeding their ROI targets in the development of their people and the growth of their customer relationships.

PMI believes that strong customer relationships are critical to sustainable sales success, and all PMI solutions maintain a strong focus on building authentic, leverageable customer relationships that provide differentiation and insulation from competition.

Our work has taught us that the true measure of a supplier/customer relationship is through the customer’s eyes – and our in-depth experience with hundreds of client customers has provided us with a unique understanding of how suppliers can build and leverage their relationships with customers to create mutual value.


Rich’s View of Performance Methods:

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Short List:

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