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Oprius CRM

This CRM Review examines Oprius CRM.

In-Depth CRM Review

Oprius CRM

Oprius Software Inc.
206-2940 Harriet Road
Victoria, British Columbia V9A 1T3

Telephone: (250) 412-8802
Toll Free:  (877) 767-7487

CRM Category: Strategic Solution – Cloud
Sub-Category: Contact Manager
Seats: Small Business


About the Company:

Here at Oprius Software we have one goal: to make the lives of network marketing distributors easier. With a former network marketer as our CEO and a board of advisors comprised of top-level network marketing professionals, we have identified the biggest problem facing these business people. Too much time is being wasted on the clerical day-to-day chores of staying organized. We are now proud to say that there is a solution available. That solution is Oprius Software. Thanks to the careful guidance of top network marketers, our software is being designed specifically to meet the needs of independent sales people.


About the Product:

Oprius was built from the ground-up to help your MLM business soar. Check out some of our many features, and then take the system for a test-drive for free.

Social Media

  • Enable Oprius’ Twitter and Facebook integrations to view and interact with your Contacts’ social media profiles directly from your Oprius account.
  • Post your own Facebook Status Updates and Tweets directly from Oprius.

Relationship Builder

  • Build a simple Plan for your leads and customers to make sure no one slips through the cracks.
  • Automatically schedule Emails to be sent or any other type of Activity to be created at the right time.
  • Contacts automatically progress through your Plans as each Step is completed.

Contacts with History

  • Know exactly what you have done with each of your Contacts. Activities with your Contacts (Calls, Tasks, Appointments, and Emails) are automatically logged on each person’s contact record.
  • Create unlimited custom fields to capture the data you need.
  • Assign Contacts to as many custom groups as you would like for easy tracking and filtering. No limit to the number of Contacts you can keep.

Get Things Done

  • Make a list of all your tasks and check them off as you complete them.
  • View a record of all your pending and completed Tasks.
  • Assign and sort your tasks by priority.
  • Keep a History of all your Tasks automatically on the Contact record.

Stress Free Calling

  • Use the Phone Assistant to quickly and easily update contact info, take notes, schedule followups, and send emails all from a single screen.
  • Take the pressure and unknowns about calling away with the built in and customizable phone scripts.


  • Send and receive Emails from any of your Email addresses.
  • Send Emails to Groups of Contacts and include a personalized message to each.
  • Save common responses as Stored Emails so that you can re-use them for future emails.
  • Email history is automatically logged as part of each Contact’s information.


  • Create Appointments and re-arrange your schedule with a simple drag and drop Calendar.
  • Create and view your Appointments and Phone Appointments on the same Calendar.
  • Work with, and review, your Calendar by day, week or month.
  • Organize your Appointments in Groups so that they are colour coded.
  • Appointment History automatically logs on the Contact record.

Lead Capture

  • Build professional looking Lead Capture Pages from scratch with no experience necessary.
  • Create Web forms to copy and paste onto any of your existing web pages.
  • Automatically follow up with leads generated by your web pages and forms.


  • Setup email or SMS reminders for your Calls, Tasks and Appointments so that you never miss a follow-up with your Contacts.
  • Get Birthday and Anniversary reminders for your Contacts, and be notified any number of days before these special events.

Searching and filtering

  • Search for your Contacts from any page in Oprius using the QuickSearch tool.
  • Filter your Contacts based on the Groups they belong to or the source of the Contacts.
  • Find Contacts based on custom fields that you’ve created.


  • Sync your Contact and Calendar information with Outlook, iPhone, and Blackberry devices.
  • Add Contacts or Appointments while you’re on the road. When you Sync, that information is sent to Oprius and vice-versa.



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For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


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