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Unit 5, Business Innovation Centre
Upper Newcastle
Galway, Ireland


Telephone:  (646) 762 1303
Toll Free:  
Email: Contact OnePageCRM


CRM Category: Strategic Solution – Cloud
Sub-Category: Contact Manager
Seats: Small Business


About the Company:


The awesome team behind OnePage have one unifying goal: to deliver a superior user experience in every aspect of our business. From the first trial of our app to our support service, we believe in making users happy. And what makes us happy? Seeing you delight your customers using OnePageCRM!


We build products that we love to use ourselves! We design for ease of use irrespective of fluency. We constantly listen to our customers to ensure we match the needs of today’s small business, and produce applications that deliver on those promises but also exceed expectations.


About the Product:

Our small business CRM is focused on sales activity. Using a dynamic list of “Next Actions” for every prospect or customer, you will in a natural way, move prospects and customers through the sales funnel towards a sale.

  • “Next Action” system encourages upfront sales decisions
  • Clear and simple sales targets and deal performance page
  • Unique contact system for sales activity (No dead list of contacts)

Never drop the ball again with a prospect or customer.

How does OnePageCRM for Small Business help to increase sales?

Customer relationship manager software performs a range of functions from contact management to sales reporting. CRMs help to manage an organisation’s activity with their customers by providing a single application to store customers’ information. The vast amount of detail stored in these CRMs allow sales teams and directors to analyze and respond to customer needs. However, some of these CRMs are bulky and require a lot of administration to get the full benefit. Small business owners are busy with a range of business roles that may include managing suppliers, legal, accounting and staff. Ultimately what a small business needs is to get cheques in the mail, cash in the tills and credit cards on the web.

That is why OnePageCRM was developed; it gives small business owners the tool needed to ensure they are on top of each sale by having a clear picture of their customers’ needs as well as having a place to store critical customer data. OnePageCRM is very low on administration as it is focused on making sales decisions rather than crunching excessive amounts of data. By storing and displaying only critical data and sales activity, small business owners can make forward moving sales decisions with clarity and ease. This means opportunities are never missed and customers are retained, leading to increased sales, lower costs, and less admin.



For complete pricing details, please see:


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


Rich’s View of OnePageCRM:

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Short List:

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