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Riva CRM Integration

This CRM Review examines Riva CRM Integration Server.

In-Depth CRM Review

Riva CRM Integration Server

Omni Technology Solutions Inc.
10301 – 109 Street, Suite 103
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1N4


Telephone:  (780) 423-4200
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CRM Category: Enterprise Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Application Integration
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Since 1999, Omni has helped customers increase the return on their Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, GroupWise and CRM investments.

Corporations, governments, universities and school districts from around the world rely upon Omni’s proven solutions to:

Omni delivers a portfolio of proven enterprise management and integration solutions for Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, GroupWise and leading CRMs.

Need server-side CRM integration? Interested in a simpler alternative to Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne and iManager for identity lifecycle management?

Omni can satisfy these and other corporate IT requirements.

About the Product:

Looking for a more reliable CRM sync solution?

Riva delivers reliable, server-to-server integration for Microsoft Exchange and all the leading CRM systems. Riva supports, Oracle CRM On Demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV, NetSuite, SugarCRM, SalesLogix, SageCRM, GoldMine and others. Join the thousands of CRM users – from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies – who sell more, sync more and save more time with Riva.

Sync contacts and leads

Sync contacts and leads seamlessly between Exchange and your CRM. Filter contacts by ownership, visibility or a custom filter. Set a maximum number of contacts that can be synced. Create a new CRM contact list or sync the default contact list. Keep personal and business contacts separate. Set a special color code for contacts and leads. Support for bi-directional and uni-directional contact synchronization. Customize Riva to let CRM users manually choose which contacts they want to sync.

Sync calendar and tasks

Sync calendar events and tasks reliably between Exchange and your CRM. Support for meetings, appointments, phone calls, tasks, full-day and multi-day events, and private appointments. Automatically sync all new calendar appointments or manually choose which calendar events get synced by setting an Exchange category. Sync recurring appointments. Bi-directional or uni-directional sync. Enable or disable reminder synchronization. Customize Riva to sync special meeting types and more.

Sync emails

Sync received and sent emails in Exchange to your CRM by simply copying them to a “Create New Email” folder. No manual matching against contacts or contacts is required. In addition, use Riva to archive emails against CRM opportunities, cases, quotes and projects* directly from Outlook or your mobile device. Automate email archiving for all sent items. Riva will take care of the account and contact matching – and automatically create accounts and contacts that aren’t yet available in the CRM. Email archiving is incredibly simple with Riva.

Sync opps, cases, quotes

Sync CRM opportunities, cases, quotes and projects* to Exchange. Riva creates a folder for each of these items. And they’re synced across as HTML emails. Sales reps, for example, can see their open opportunities directly in Outlook or on their mobile device and filter by amount, probability, close date, account name, deal stage and other opportunity fields. Likewise for support cases and projects. Click “smart links” in the Riva ConnectBar in each email to automatically open the opportunity or case without any manual searching.

Sync custom fields

Would you like to sync some custom fields in Exchange or your CRM? Or perhaps some custom objects? Our professional services can review your custom sync requirements and customize Riva to fit your needs. Our enterprise customers, in particular, often need us to customize Riva to sync custom fields, custom objects or to adapt to their custom workflow.

Sync CRM to mobile devices

View and manage your CRM contacts, calendar, tasks, opportunities and more from your iPad, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone and tablet – in online and offline modes. Riva syncs CRM systems to Exchange and, because your mobile devices are connected to your Exchange mailbox, it means the information automatically syncs down. No additional mobile apps required.



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