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Nimble Inc.
2043 Colorado Avenue, Suite B
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3471


Telephone: (310) 393-2655
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CRM Category: Strategic Solution – Cloud
Sub-Category: Contact Manager/Social Relationship Manager
Seats: SOHO/Small Business/SMB


About the Company:

Great innovations spring from great needs. Twenty years ago, Jon Ferrara understood that businesses needed more efficient ways of getting and staying connected to their customers in order to succeed and grow. That simple idea led him to co-found GoldMine Software, which grew to become a world leader in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space.

Today, business has changed. With the advent of social media, email, IM, text messages and more, businesses are overwhelmed by the myriad applications needed to listen to and engage with their customers. The question is no longer how to stay connected – but how to efficiently and cost-effectively build business relationships given multiple communication channels. From that new need sprang Jon Ferrara’s latest innovation: Nimble Contact.

After two years of development and feedback from thousands of real world users, Nimble Contact has emerged as the next evolution in relationship management – the only web-based solution that brings together all of your contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations in one simple, free platform.

Nimble Contact’s core benefit lies in its ability to unify email, calendar activities and the most popular social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), and automatically link this functionality to business contacts. Instead of jumping from application to application, small businesses now have one solution that can help them find individuals relevant to their business – no matter where they are on the Web — listen and engage with those individuals in any number of ways, and build relationships that can lead to opportunity.

The business world has taken note. When it was in private beta, Nimble Contact received kudos from industry thought leaders who immediately understood its value, including Gerhard Gschwandtner, Editor, Selling Power Magazine, who said, “Nimble is a visionary product. Finally, someone has figured out Social CRM and made it simple, fun and efficient. I predict that Nimble will leapfrog all traditional CRM solutions.”

Nimble Contact was also recently named to “The CRM Watchlist 2012” by Social CRM expert and best-selling author, Paul Greenberg. Nimble was one of only seven companies selected by ZDNet for the “Social Mainstream” category from a field of nearly 130 companies. In addition, Nimble Contact was recently awarded the coveted Willy for “Best Social CRM” presented by industry veteran, Rich Bohn, as well as PC Magazine’s “Editors’ Choice” and a Gartner “Cool Vendor” designation. Last but not least, Nimble was awarded “DEMO God” at the popular launch pad for startups sponsored by IDG last year.

Listen to Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO of Nimble, tell the Nimble story:

Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara


About the Product:

According to Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO, we created Nimble after recognizing that many existing CRM products had become complex and cumbersome. Other CRM systems offer a poor User Experience for the individual users that need an easy way to manage the immense power of social media for business. With the explosion of social media, the way we communicate with each other has evolved, and yet business needs stay the same. Now more than ever before, relationships drive business success — friends, family, classmates, colleagues, partners, prospects, customers, and even complete strangers can positively impact sales in a small business. Those same individuals are talking amongst themselves in countless places on the Web about what companies they like and what products they are going to buy. Traditional relationship building models need to expand to include social channels, and Nimble allows its users to nurture their relationships without having to go to 15 places to communicate and manage contacts.

Nimble’s suite of products will range from solutions for individuals that enable team collaboration, robust business reporting, automation and forecasting. Nimble elegantly combines contact management, activity management, sales and marketing automation, traditional and social media communication tools, and collaboration features into one affordable Web-based solution.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of releasing our Nimble beta, we are humbled by the 35,000 users who have signed up over the last year. Thousands of users spend almost four hours every day managing their social relationships and growing their businesses with Nimble. We knew it was going to be an enormous challenge when we set out to create a new paradigm for CRM in 2011, and now in early 2013 we’ve achieved core of our vision and are continually raising the bar.

Nimble was created to help individuals and teams build better relationships by integrating and unifying all of the points of contact and social communication. While most users benefit from free access to Nimble, business users working as a team and in need of more professional functionality are charged $15 per user per month.

Nimble is a lot of fun and is very simple to use. Its intuitive screens get you up and running easily and allow you to focus on relevant and critical information. With Nimble, the heavy lifting is done for you. Nimble imports, merges and unifies Contacts, Calendars, and Communications from Google, IMAP, and social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This enables users to have one place to read/respond to direct and indirect communications. Plus all of that communication is automatically linked to the contacts with whom they are communicating.


  • Unified communication: Nimble combines contact management, activity management, sales and marketing automation, traditional and social media communication tools, and collaboration features in one simple, unified SaaS solution.
  • Ease of use: Nimble’s easy-to-use interface and powerful search functionality help users navigate the system faster, and access key features and information far more easily than traditional, bloated CRM systems.
  • Team collaboration: Additionally, Nimble’s collaborative tools allow companies to quickly share that information among those who need it most in order to accelerate sales, marketing and support processes. Nimble’s easy-to-use messaging and microblogging functions enable everyone in a company to connect and share comments on customers, activities, deals and more.
  • Ease of ownership: Individuals will enjoy many of Nimble’s powerful features free-of-charge, while small companies can realize all of the benefits of Nimble’s product family for one low monthly subscription – there are no costly IT infrastructures or yearly maintenance contracts.
  • Extendable to suit any company’s needs: Nimble’s API will users to create their own widgets, to leverage Nimble data in external applications and to extend Nimble’s functionality by creating their own applications, if needed.
  • Data privacy and security: Nimble is encrypted at the same level as the largest banks, ensuring that critical business data and conversations will always remain secure.


  • Nimble was designed as a solid enterprise level platform utilizing the latest technologies including Google Web Toolkit, Python and MongoDB frameworks that are today considered as top frameworks for scalable platforms.
  • We have implemented a Rest API framework that will ensure easy 3rd party add-ons have comprehensive access to Nimble. We will provide an App Store for Nimble Apps to be sold to our constituencies.
  • We will provide an online community for our users to share ideas, customizations and best practices to encourage a strong Nimble culture. This community platform will then be rolled into the main Nimble solution for our users to create their own communities to Listen and Engage with their constituencies.
  • Nimble is ensuring scalability and reliability by using some of the best new technologies out there. For our database, we use MongoDB, a document orientated database uniquely suited to Nimble’s massive data unification tasks. MongoDB is considered the “MySQL killer” of tomorrow. Nimble utilizes MongoDB technologies to create an extremely fast and scalable system with multiple levels of failover. We utilized the core technical team behind Foursquare and Zinga’s server teams to design automatic scaling and failover technologies on all the core places of our platform.



For complete pricing details, please see:


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


Nimble mobile:

The Nimble Smart Contacts app gathers contact details, insights, email, social conversations and signals into one simple mobile app to making it easier to nurture and build business relationships.

Nimble reviews information from dozens of sources around the web, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, AngelList, Instagram, Foursquare and more to collect public information into an invaluable resource that helps business professionals be better prepared for sales calls, meetings and interviews. With Nimble, business people are always ready to connect in smarter, relevant and authentic ways with their contacts, prospects and customers powered by intelligent insights.

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Rich’s View of Nimble:

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