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NICE Systems

This CRM Review examines NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC).

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NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC)

NICE Systems Inc.
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CRM Category: Marketing Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Customer Experience Management
Seats: Enterprise


About the Company:

NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.
Driven by cross-channel and multi-sensor analytics, NICE solutions enable organizations to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliance, and enhance safety and security. NICE serves over 25,000 organizations in the enterprise and security sectors, representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 150 countries, and including over 80 of the Fortune 100 companies.
NICE’s offerings for the enterprise and security sectors serve three main needs: improving business performance, decreasing financial risk, and enhancing safety and security. NICE solutions capture interactions, transactions and video surveillance from multiple sources, including telephones, CCTV video feed, emergency services radio communications, emails, chat, social media, and more. They provide valuable insight about the business or security situation by applying real-time, cross-channel analytics to realize the intent of customers, criminals and terrorists, or fraudsters, to enable proactive response for real-time impact.

The NICE Enterprise

offering addresses the needs of customer-centric businesses with intent-based solutions. Driven by real-time, cross-channel analytics, NICE provides solutions for increasing revenue, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and optimizing contact center and back office operations. NICE Enterprise solutions are implemented by contact centers of all sizes, branches, trading floors and back offices.

NICE Actimize

a NICE Systems company, is the world’s largest and broadest financial crime, risk and compliance solutions provider. The company provides real-time and cross-channel fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, enterprise investigations, risk management and trading surveillance solutions built upon a single flexible software platform. Implemented by the majority of the world’s largest financial institutions, including all of the top 10 banks, the company’s solutions enable clients to mitigate financial crime risk, improve compliance, and reduce operational costs.

About the Product:

NICE Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution captures comprehensive VoC data from all interaction and feedback channels to enable organizations to build a cross-enterpriseCustomer Experience Management strategy.

By integrating multi-channel capture, cross-channel interaction analysis and real-time multi-channel feedback into a single platform, NICE enables companies to gain a view of the Voice of the Customer across three dimensions:
  • Direct voice, collected in feedback surveys conducted via text messaging, chat, IVR, social media and email
  • Indirect voice, recorded during an interaction, whether by phone, chat, social media, or web
  • Inferred voice, or the sum of customer behavioral patterns across all channels in their interaction journey with the company
The unique combination of technologies bundled into the NICE Voice of the Customer solution allows organizations to:
  • Fully visualize and analyze the customer interaction journey to improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance churn models to keep customers on board
  • Improve customer intelligence for deeper and more effective customer relationships
  • Correlate customer feedback with operational performance to optimize key performance indicators
  • Act in a relevant and meaningful way at the Decisive Moment™


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