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This CRM Review examines VisitorTrack.

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netFactor Corporation
6041 S. Syracuse Way
Greenwood Village, CO 80111-4771


Telephone:  (720) 489-5534
Toll Free:    
Email:  Contact netFactor


CRM Category: Marketing Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Website Tracking/Marketing Intelligence
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

netFactor Corporation has evolved from an online marketing agency founded in 2003 with expertise in digital and Internet advertising for the Business-to-Business Client. Today, netFactor has established itself as a leader in the search engine marketing industry with powerful solutions, like VisitorTrack®, that transcend other online approaches. This patent-pending technology was borne from the dilemma nearly all businesses with a website face: how can the Internet and our own site be more efficiently leveraged to achieve sustainable customer growth?

Now with double digit increases in the cost for participating in paid search, along with the disappearing real estate on a search engine first page, business managers are looking for new means to attain a better online marketing ROI. netFactor is wholly focused on driving more new B2B customers from the Internet, and from our client’s websites.

Here’s what makes netFactor different:

  • Wholly focused on Business to Business (B2B)
  • Providing a fully integrated offering to leveraging Lead Generation from Internet Search with VisitorTrack®
  • Search optimization tactics blending cutting edge RSS technologies with data-driven methods
  • Site conversion tactics using proprietary RSS-driven dynamic display
  • Our clients – they sell expensive things, have long and complex sales cycles, and sales and marketing teams hungry for prospect targets
  • An unwavering service commitment to driving measurable business results

netFactor is headquartered in The Denver Tech Center, in Greenwood Village, Colorado (and at the base of the Rocky Mountains!) netFactor is a privately held, venture-funded (Sopris Capital – Colorado corporation. Our client set ranges from coast to coast and around the world spanning varying industries to include industrial goods, technology providers, software, manufacturing, professional services, human resources, marketing services, retail, insurance services, and telecommunications.

About the Product:

Our patent-pending technology integrates Website Tracking,  Marketing Intelligence and Sales Lead Generation.  VisitorTrack® is a powerful real-time application for capturing detailed information on your website’s Business Visitors.  No other product in the world can provide as detailed a profile of the anonymous website Visitor.

Visitor Information is Captured without any Registration

Now automatically convert the anonymous “clicks” to your company’s site into actionable web sales leads – without any Visitor registration action. Our proprietary technology for B2B Lead Generation captures the identities of these Visitors in a completely unobtrusive way. With VisitorTrack® you’ll receive the most detailed visibility into the anonymous business Visitors to your website available anywhere.

Get Detailed Contacts Instantly – All in One Place

VisitorTrack uncovers the companies searching for your products and visiting your site, what they want, and through proprietary behavioral tracking, enables users to qualify those Visitors most interested in your products. Then, with a fully-integrated “Recommendation Engine”, the best available Contacts – and detailed data about them – are provided in real time. Names, titles, phone and email addresses from a comprehensive B2B database of over 25 million business contacts – fully available to you with nothing else to buy.

Powerful Features for Sales & Marketing

  • Visitor Data – Collected in real time, without registration
  • Web Access – Log on, see who is on your site now
  • Who Is Visiting – Organization Name, Address, Phone LookUp, Website
  • Advanced Filtering – All records are processed using our advanced filtering to remove inactionable records
  • How They Came – Identify Keywords, referring search engine, landing page
  • Direct Hits – Visitors entering direct to home page indicated
  • Contacts LookUp – Identify specific Executives and Contacts, Phone Numbers, eMail Addresses
  • Behavioral Tracking – Determines interest levels through behavior across all visits
  • HotLeads – Pinpoint those companies most interested
  • Instant eMail Alerts – Automatically receive eMails on those Visitors meeting your criteria
  • Visit Detail – See comprehensive path of all pages visited, time, and length
  • User Defined Alerts – Customize alerts for Customers, Prospects, Competitors, and more
  • Automated Reports – Define a view and set reports for automated email delivery
  • Affordable – Most clients see a low cost-per-lead measured in pennies to a few dollars
  • CRM Integration – Export the data you need in a report format, or for CRM integration
  • Data You Need – Packaged in a variety of product versions to meet client requirements and many more features for the working sales professional

Now, imagine the value of a click from Google when you also know who is clicking… what they want… and how to reach them?

Think of it. A top potential prospect searches for your products online… comes to your website.. and even looks at 10, 20, 30 pages or more… and you never know – because they left as invisibly as they came. Wouldn’t you want to know who this is, and initiate a marketing process or sales dialog with this active prospect? If your company is looking for a more effective means of contacting and closing new customers, harnessing internet leads with VisitorTrack® will be the single-most cost-effective tactic in your selling mix. VisitorTrack® is made available by netFactor Corporation.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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