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NetCommissions, Inc.
599 North Avenue
Door 8, Second Floor
Wakefield, MA 01880-1648


Telephone:  (978) 332-5564
Toll Free:    (888) 873-5814
Fax:            (978) 664-3851
Email:  Contact NetCommissions


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Compensation Management
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

NetCommissions helps companies improve sales, productivity and performance by providing market leading on-line Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions.

NetCommissions has a proven track record of developing and delivering innovative Sales Performance Management solutions that deliver not only timely and accurate payments, but also provide our customers with the industry’s most integrated, comprehensive and motivating user experience. Our customer centric approach to guiding those experiences, combined with a robust and scalable solution platform built specifically for the demands of each customers sales compensation process, enable enterprises to strategically manage their process in a way that supports business objectives and strengthens the performance of their sales organization.

Simply stated, NetCommissions works every day to help companies just like yours achieve the best possible sales results with Sales Performance Management solutions that incorporate the flexibility you need, the cleverest application of technology, and the most secure systems possible.

Products and services

NetCommissions provides an integrated, on-demand Sales Performance Management Software suite for companies of every shape, size and industry. In addition to outstanding technology, NetCommissions also provides our customers with outstanding service offerings including Plan Management Services (as needed ad-hoc technical support) as well as Managed Services (process outsourcing). Centered around providing sales professionals with timely and accurate performance feedback, our solutions are designed to be easy for anyone to use but powerful enough to uncover critical insights that help drive never before seen business results.

NetCommissions is unique:

Unlike One-to-many cookie cutter software that embraces a product centric ‘One-size-fits-all’ business strategy, NetCommissions unique customer centric approach allows each customer to drive scope, process flow and experience of each user. The result is a sales compensation solution that is incredibly intuitive, easy to use and a powerful driver of improved sales performance.

Based on the vision of helping out customers by managing the ‘heavy lifting’ involved with automating and administering this high risk business process, NetCommissions offers its customers a unique blend of technology and support so they can focus scarce resources on growing their business and avoid the administrative activity trap of this complex and high risk business process.

NetCommissions was founded in 2003 by industry experts and is headquartered in Lawrence, MA.


About the Product:

NetCommissions Platform

Your key to automating Sales Compensation

Built specifically to automate the calculation and reporting of Sales Commissions & Incentive Compensation, the NetCommissions Platform provides the foundation upon which a world class process can be configured. With flexibility and scalability as calling cards, the Netcommissions platform is engineered for the unique challenges of Sales Compensation process.

As a modular solution configured to your specific needs, NetCommissions enables sales teams to focus on growth while freeing the Sales Ops / Finance teams to focus more time and effort on delivering results, not administration.

Communications & Reporting

Performance Feedback that Inspires

Providing sales performance feedback that inspires excellence and rewards sales activities aligned with corporate goals, our scalable on-demand solutions enable your organization to maximize results and deliver on your business plan.

Profitable revenue growth is impossible without clear and timely communication to those most responsible for delivering sales results.

Template reports are just a starting point of our flexible approach, if the data is in the system, NetCommissions can report it.


A Cornerstone of Efficiency

Centralized management and administration of the hierarchy is critical to the effective management of the sales organization. Vital data that is seldom available in spreadsheets as a summarized and easy-to-digest format is made available to business users through the NetCommissions Hierarchy module.

Easy to Configure & Manage

  • Direct, Indirect & Hybrid sales channels
  • Sales Territories and reporting hierarchies and the people that make up your sales organization
  • New Hires, Terminations & Security


Empowering the business user

The heart of the NetCommissions solution is the ability to calculate sales commissions in a timely and accurate manner. The calculation engine within NetCommissions is an integral element of the solution that automates the complete sales commissions calculation process.

For companies with multiple sales plans servicing various roles throughout the sales organization, the NetCommissions Plans Module provides users with the flexibility to calculate plans based on any number of plan components at any level of complexity.

All plans and plan components can be administered by business users (Read: No need to learn proprietary tool) through the use of Plan Administration module.

Data Management

Integrate with the data that drives sales results

The ability to integrate with sources of critical sales performance data is critical to the effective management of the sales commissions process. The ability to easily manage, validate and process mission critical process data is made available to business users through the NetCommissions Data Management module.


Put decision making tools in the hands of front line sales

The end of a quarter is fast approaching, the pipeline is full of potential but time is limited … where should the focus be to make the biggest impact?

This decision that is made every pay period by everyone in your sales force and can be difficult, time consuming and have far reaching strategic implications.

What would be the impact of putting accurate, easy to use “What-if” analytic tools at the fingertips of your entire sale force ? NetCommissions Payee Modeling is ideal for organizations that want to provide their sales force with decision making tools to help them focus time and attention on activities that will help the company, and impact their wallet, the most.

The NetCommissions Payee Modeling module references active plans, targets, sales and performance data to ensure the utmost in accuracy and provide your sales team with the most powerful decision making tool possible.

Currency Management

Globalize your process

The Currency Management Module in NetCommissions allows users to define exchange rates for any number of currencies in a manner that is timely, accurate, reliable and simple.

Utilizing the NetCommissions effective dating capabilities, exchange rates are entered into NetCommissions and available for use throughout the application suite as of the selected effective date.

Currency management also enables global sales organizations to provide performance reporting in both base and local currencies.


Facilitate cross functional communication

Encourage communication within your organization with NetCommissions Inbox. Performance alerts, approvals, credit questions and much more can be managed within NetCommissions.


Analysts self-manage credit rules & exceptions

Centralized management and administration of the credit assignment is critical to the effective management of the sales compensation process. The ability to structure credit assignment rules is made available to business users through the NetCommissions Crediting module.

Business users can easily set up and manage crediting rules within the entire sales hierarchy including individuals, teams, business units, divisions, subsidiaries and channel partners.

Have a complete audit trail for all credit rule changes over time.

Analysts can create business rules that define the relationship between sales reps and credit entities. High levels of granularity can be supported (e.g. an association between a sales rep and a customer could be defined down to the ship to location level of detail).

Ad Hoc Reporting

Self-service report writing

Empower analysts to modify existing reports and create new ones from scratch without utilizing IT resources extensively and with very little training.

NetCommissions Ad hoc reporting generates reports that meet individual information requirements and views easily and on-demand so that end users can drill through report data for powerful information analysis.

Self-service reporting puts the tools necessary to build and deploy a fully functional report and modify existing reports directly into the hands of end users so that data analysis can be achieved quickly, intuitively, and interactively with little to no training.


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