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MCH B2B Data

MCH, Inc.
601 E. Marshall Street
PO Box 295
Sweet Springs, MO 65351


Telephone:  (660) 335-6373
Toll Free:     (800) 776-6373
Fax:               (660) 335-4157


CRM Category: Marketing Support
Sub-Category: List Compiler/Data Source
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

For over 50 years, MCH has been one of a few original source data compilers in the U.S. and the only company specializing in education, healthcare, government, and religion data. Original source compiling means we gather and verify data primarily by dealing directly with the institutions we compile rather than using secondary sources like telephone yellow page listings. Over the years we have invested heavily in developing new and more accurate compiling methods that enable us to get the right data, attributes, and personnel names for the markets we serve. Founded in 1928, we have evolved into a leading data compiler, and we have never wavered in our commitment to provide only the highest quality data to our customers.

Overview of MCH Data Compilation Methodologies

50% of the employees at MCH Strategic Data are in our Research Department; they are the ones who compile our industry-leading databases. This group, many of whose members have decades worth of experience at MCH, constitute the heart and soul of MCH and are the repository of the company’s knowledge and experience.

Contrary to the practice of other compilers, MCH compiling is done in the U.S., not outsourced to off-shore call centers and web scrapers. MCH derives many benefits from this practice: our compiling staff see and talk to many of the customers who visit us in our Sweet Springs, MO facility; they know our sales staff well and are aware of marketplace needs. In fact, some of our best and most confident sales and customer staff have come from our compiling group. They know the effort that it takes to maintain a high-quality database.

Compiling is much more than phoning institutions and adding, deleting, or verifying names and attributes. The databases MCH maintains are highly organized and structured, meaning for example, that we maintain parent-child relationships, schools and their district parents, childcare centers and their chain headquarters, and others; the data we collect must be maintained uniformly across the databases even if not maintained uniformly by the institutions themselves. Our goal is that any particular piece of data should be compiled on every applicable institution so the database is “complete” and uniform from record to record.

Many of our databases need multiple compiling sources and campaigns to fill out the records. While we collect data by phone where we can, not all data is available through a phone call. We find the data from other sources and at other times. MCH databases are essentially living things. When one of our customers gets data from MCH, they are getting a snapshot of the database at that moment. If they order the same data a week or a month later, the snapshot will be different.

Another area where our experience and expertise matters is in our knowledge of the different characteristics of the different types of institutions we collect data about. Although MCH maintains one actual super database, different types of institutions have different sets of attributes and job function structures. Think for a moment about a school district and a hospital; the decision-makers have different types of jobs, principals versus doctors for example, and different types of attributes, reading classes in schools versus obstetrics departments in hospitals. It is important to know which of the jobs and which of the attributes are the important ones for our customers. Experience is essential.

Geospatial attributes add another dimension to compiling. MCH has geospatial products (Infinite Access) and customers who use our data in geospatial applications like regulatory compliance and emergency notification. Geo-coding is another area with its own set of specialized characteristics.

MCH also must remain compliant with postal, fax, and email regulations.

The world of “big data,” the endless streams of information generated by the web, has also changed the nature of compiling. The pace of innovation at MCH has accelerated as we keep up with new sources of data and new demands from customers. That’s our job and that’s what half of us spend our time doing.


About the Product:

Use MCH B2B Data to Reach Decision Makers Throughout the U.S.

MCH is a terrific source for customers seeking top-quality Business-to-Business data. We are a specialty compiler focused on institutions in the education, healthcare, government, and religion markets. These institutions include government offices, libraries, schools, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, fire and police departments, child care centers, and more. Decision makers at these locations are responsible for budgets and spending equal to about one-third of the U.S. economy. The key difference between typical B2B companies and the MCH business-to-institution (B2i) entities is that institutions are not driven by sales, profits, or return on investment.

It takes high-level expertise to compile institutional data. The MCH management and database compilation teams have years and years of experience in the markets we serve. Our full-time, year-round compiling team is located in our Sweet Springs, Missouri headquarters location. At a time when other companies outsource compiling or hire part-time staff for short-term projects, it’s worth noting that many of the members of the compiling team have been with our company for more than 10 years.

MCH spends millions of dollars a year to update, maintain, and enhance our data. Our data fuels the efforts for many of America’s leading direct marketers. Give us a call today to learn more about B2i data and how our experience and knowledge that can help you reach your business objectives.




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