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This CRM Review examines mPath.

In-Depth CRM Review


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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Market-Partners is the world’s leading independent consulting company focused on increasing business-to-business organizational sales effectiveness through positive change for clients ranging from start-ups to industry giants.

The new selling reality

It is increasingly complex to create and keep a customer. There are a number of contributing factors such as:

  • unprecedented access to information
  • greater choice
  • more dynamic and networked organizations
  • and increasing business pressures

The bottom line is that customers are buying in dramatically different ways. They are increasingly relying upon self-educating and are less dependent upon talking to a sales person to gain the information they are seeking. Customers now have far more control and influence over the buying/selling process. As a result, the sales process has changed as never before. Selling is no longer a simple case of finding the decision maker,presenting a credible business justification for investment and building relationships.

Old selling approaches no longer work!

It is our belief, in today’s marketplace, that to be able to effectively create and keep customers, organizations must focus on these five imperatives:

  1. Gaining a thorough understanding of how their customers are buying
  2. Examining every aspect of their organization to determine how it may help or hinder the ability to create and keep customers
  3. Crafting an organizational sales strategy and process that embraces best practices and synchronizes to the customers’ buying processes
  4. Aligning and coordinating all resources and activities across the organization in support of the optimal sales process
  5. Adopting methods and tools that enable the deliberate measurement and management of the total sales pipeline and effective performance coaching of the selling teams

Our methods and approaches enable organizations to swiftly and successfully meet these five imperatives – resulting in maximizing business results in today’s changed world

Engaging Market-Partners is low risk and offers high rewards: swift, significant, and sustainable results.

About the Product:

Pathway to Sales Transformation

Market-Partners offers a consultative transformational service that implements positive organizational change to maximize enterprise and individual sales effectiveness.

We call it mPath©

We take our clients through a three-phase process, working closely with them to develop strong, sustainable improvements in their own particular situation.

Assessment Phase

We start by taking the time to listen. We work to understand what is, and what isn’t working and – more importantly – why things are as they are. We look across the entire company, at everything that may be impacting sales performance. And, most importantly, we examine how the client’s target markets buy and what influences their buying decisions. From this basis of understanding we can then identify best practices, understand the root causes for what is or isn’t happening and work to optimize our client’s market engagement and selling strategy.

Design Phase

Based on the internal and external assessments together with the results of the strategy workshop, we can then embark on the design of the optimal Sales Process. During this phase of the mPath methodology we continue to place great emphasis on communication and collaboration.

Adoption Phase

Although this phase could easily be called implementation, the mPath methodology uses the term Adoption to underscore the very objective of the overall initiative; to gain the enthusiastic adoption by the organization to a changed way in which to sell. No matter how far-reaching or conversely how small these changes may be, they dictate the need for individuals to adopt new behaviors, skills, and/or approaches. This is rarely easy.

The entire mPath methodology is designed to ensure that a selling strategy and a sales process is designed that will make immediate sense to the organization and which will be enthusiastically and swiftly adopted.

Benefits of mPath

  • Scalable, predictable, and consistent, sales results
  • Enabling the transition to a solution selling approach
  • Effective use of resources across the organization into the selling equation
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Shortened ramp-up time
  • Reduced sales cycles
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Increased usage and value gained from CRM technology investments


Rich’s View of mPath:

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Short List:

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