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Lattice Engines

This CRM Review examines Lattice salesPRISM.

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Lattice salesPRISM

Lattice Engines
1825 South Grant Street
Suite 510
San Mateo, CA 94402-2661


Toll Free:    (877) 460-0010
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CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Business Intelligence
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Lattice – Big Data for Sales and Marketing

Lattice is revolutionizing sales and marketing through the power of Big Data. Our Big Data for Sales platform, salesPRISM, delivers real-time, predictive and actionable insight to sales and marketing professionals wherever they are so they can engage the most receptive customers in the most compelling ways. Fortune 5000 companies such as Staples, Dell, EMC and SunTrust rely on Lattice to generate 75 percent more pipeline, triple conversion rates, and double win rates.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is the application of predictive analytics to extract deep, real-time insight about customer needs and behavior. salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform makes it possible for inside and field sales people to ground their everyday actions (i.e., who should I call, what should I say) based on data-driven evidence.

Hundreds of thousands of sales professionals worldwide have already become A players. It’s now time for you to save time and sell more. Close more deals and meet your quotas every time by using salesPRISM from Lattice.

Big Data is leading to Big Sales. Join the Revolution.

Recognized Market Innovator

Lattice Big Data for Sales and Marketing technology is creating competitive advantage for the savviest sales and marketing organizations around the world. Our customers choose us because we are focused on their success.

  • Measurable improvement in sales productivity
  • High voluntary rate of adoption among sales reps
  • Deployed within minutes through a SaaS model towards a more effective way of selling

Lattice is a privately held company funded by NEA and Sequoia Capital. We are headquartered in San Mateo with offices in Austin, Boston, New York and Beijing.


About the Product:

salesPRISM Big Data Analytics Platform

You have invested heavily in CRM to build an efficient and replicable selling and marketing process. However, process alone is not enough to achieve and sustain sales productivity gains. Buyers are more sophisticated and informed than ever while your teams are drowning in information overload.

In a recent study, many front-line sales professionals admitted to reviewing up to 15 different sources before picking up the phone and selling. Your sales professionals are playing catch-up – making sense of the dizzying amount of information about their customers and prospects. Ultimately, your sales professionals are being asked to do more with less, reducing selling time and sales productivity.

Big Data for Sales and Marketing

More than 50,000 sales professionals at Fortune 5000 companies rely on salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform to generate more pipeline opportunity and close more deals. Our customers have increased pipeline by 75% or more within one year, realizing immediate performance gains thanks to our quick deployments and seamless CRM integration. Your teams will benefit from:

  • Intelligent Prioritization: Identify customers and prospects most likely to purchase your products and services. salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform uses predictive analytics to uncover patterns in how customers buy from you, transforming the broadest array of internal and external data into ongoing, account-specific actions.
  • Tailored Talking Points: Arm your sales professionals with relevant, timely and dynamically-updated talking points that resonate with decision-makers.
  • Reporting to Measure Sales Effectiveness: Systematically organize selling time with segment-specific sales and marketing campaigns that guide sales professionals on when and how to engage with each customer and prospect. After engaging, each salesperson can update the outcome status. This enables sales and marketing managers to measure effectiveness–including each individual’s engagement and conversion rate — and focus training and coaching efforts.

Data + Predictive Analytics + Measurement

Data about your customers and prospects, the raw material to sell smarter, already exists in immense quantities both inside and outside your organization. Integrating these external sources (e.g., Experian, LexisNexis, and public records and social media) and internal databases (e.g., customer purchase history, customer service calls, website visits) can be a formidable challenge. Distilling raw data into ongoing, account-specific insight may seem unattainable.

The salesPRISM Big Data analytics platform overcomes these hurdles by combining robust data integrationwith predictive analytics, advanced mathematical algorithms, tuned specifically for B2B sales and marketing. Through an intuitive user interface and seamless integration into existing CRM and marketing automation systems, you can easily track and measure your sales professionals performance from start to finish.



For complete pricing details, please see: contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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