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3651 Trust Drive
Raleigh, NC 27616-2955


Toll Free:    (866) 586-9873
Fax:            (919) 845-0062


CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: CRM/SFA
Vertical Solution: 523920 – Financial Services
Seats: Small/Medium Business


About the Company:

We’re different from other CRM companies.

Our president is also president of his own wealth management firm. Twelve years ago, he realized that a few smart tools could help him service his clients and manage his firm much more effectively. So he started Junxure.

Today, his hands-on experience as a wealth manager continues to be our reference point. It informs every product and service we create. It fuels our desire to open up new frontiers of client service and ultra-efficient practice management.

A homegrown CRM spawns a booming business.

It was 1998. Greg was principal of Friedman & Associates in Novato, California. His firm was fanatical about client service, especially creating a highly personal experience and using clients’ time efficiently. The approach was generating loyal clients and rapid growth.

The firm reached the point where Greg and his team couldn’t keep all the relevant client information, especially crucial personal details, in their heads. Greg’s firm started using existing applications like Outlook to catalogue data and coordinate activities, but they weren’t powerful enough or specialized enough to the specific needs of financial advisors. That’s when Greg began to collaborate with veteran Windows developer Ken Golding on the advisor-centric CRM system that would become Junxure 1.0.

Greg’s homegrown CRM demonstrated the potential. A lot could be done with technology to service clients, strengthen teamwork, increase overall firm efficiency, and drive growth and profitability. Software could result in a new class of service experience – and a new class of firm. When Greg started telling other advisors about his system, and showing it to them, they immediately wanted it for their own firms. That’s when Junxure was born as a business.

What follows is more than a decade of constant innovation, evangelism and growth. The Junxure suite has evolved to include ClientView Live, Junxure Mobile and an ever-deepening set of new capabilities. A cloud version of Junxure is in the works to give customers a choice between cloud and desktop versions. We’ve beefed up our service offerings, too, to help customers reap more of the performance benefits of Junxure in their practices. In 2010, we were selected by Schwab along with Salesforce and Microsoft to be part of Schwab Intelligent Integration.

In 2009, Greg merged his firm with Salient Wealth Management to form Private Ocean, a wealth management firm where clients work closely with a team of industry leaders and pioneers, and technology plays a central role in total firm management. One thing hasn’t changed—the day-to-day experiences of Greg and his firm remain the laboratory in which Junxure conceives and refines its technology for the benefit of advisors everywhere.


About the Product:

Financial advisors are thrilled by the depth and detail in Junxure products.

Each one of our tools is painstakingly tuned to the specialized, day-to-day needs of you and your team. Everything you do is faster and easier in Junxure.

Junxure® is a comprehensive, integrated CRM system for financial advisors. It was created exclusively for financial advisors based on the experiences of a financial advisor.

Implement Junxure and it becomes the nerve center of your practice, streamlining and systematizing operations that make possible:

  • Exceptional client service
  • Unprecedented efficiency
  • Increased profitability

With Junxure® you can:

  • Store all your contact information in one place, using built–in fields created specifically for financial advisors
  • Manage workflow with total office management features that define repeatable, scalable services – now every task is done every time
  • Import and export between financial advisory systems – Junxure interfaces with more of the systems you use than any other CRM
  • Track emails and calendars seamlessly through integration with Microsoft® Outlook
  • Use Junxure’s database management tools to easily query your data and send bulk email messages and letters. Populate your Junxure database with a free, easy–to–use conversion tool.
  • Track key metrics and monitor your firm’s performance with Junxure’s business development dashboards



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