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160 Sidney Street
Cambridge, MA 02139-4240


Telephone:  (617) 863-5900
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CRM Category: Field Sales Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Business Intelligence
Seats: SMB


About the Company:

InsightSquared is the #1 Salesforce Analytics product for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Unlike legacy Business Intelligence platforms, InsightSquared can be deployed affordably in less than a day without any integration costs and comes preloaded with reports that real business people can use.

Hundreds of companies and thousands of users around the world use InsightSquared’s award-winning analytics to maximize sales performance, increase team productivity and close more deals.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., InsightSquared was recently named one of the “Best Places to Work in Massachusetts” by the Boston Business Journal.

We are Business Intelligence for the SMBs of the world.


About the Product:

Insight Feed & Dashboard

What’s the latest activity in my business? How can I get an overview of my metrics?

Our InsightFeed is your one stop shop for daily data. The InsightFeed shows a near real-time ticker of the newest activities that drive your business including flagged data errors, sales cycle warnings, placements made and more.

  • “Twitter-like” feed of activities
  • Six customizable SnapCharts
  • Updated on the hour, automatically

Activity Tracking

Which of your staff generated the most activity this week? How are they trending over time? Which client saw the most activity?

Our Activity Dashboards show you every move throughout your organization.

  • Configurable to track any activity type in your source data
  • Drill to see activity for individual employees or clients
  • Over-time trending and period-on-period comparisons

Data Quality Monitoring

Data entry errors are unavoidable, but are you allowing them to compromise your critical business decisions?

Our proprietary data quality monitoring engine identifies, ranks, and fixes them for you so that you can run your business with confidence.

  • Automatic identification and alerts
  • Intelligently fills data errors based on your historic data
  • Ranked for your approval based on impact and sensitivity

Tagging & Filtering

Is Team A performing better than Team B? Which are more profitable, clients in Industry X or Industry Y?

Group employees and clients together with our universal tagging system to filter results for just that group.

  • Group by industry, team, geography, or however you want
  • Every report is filterable
  • Compare individuals versus the average performance of a group

Sales Trending

How well are this month’s Sales progressing? This quarter? This year?

Your Sales team is crushing it this month. Our Sales Trending chart is the perfect visualization to throw up on the big screen to prove it.

  • Sales trending for the month, quarter or year
  • Hover over for details of each day
  • Easily compare current to previous time frames


How are we performing versus activity goals? How’s each team doing?

Keep your eyes on the prize by defining and monitoring employee activity goals in InsightSquared. Easily see goals broken out by activity.

  • Track Sales or Activity Goals
  • See individual goals, or by company
  • Simple goal setting administration

Sales Forecasting

What is our sales forecast by my clients? By employees?

Understand your sales pipeline and predict the next months of revenue with advanced Sales Forecasting. See how much you are expected to book by client, and by each employee.

  • Forecast & visualize sales trends
  • Slice by client or by employee
  • Predictive analytics for your team


How’s my sales cycle? What’s my best source of candidates? What ratios reflect my business?

Don’t be drowned by meaningless data. Keep on track by paying attention to the Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) that define your business.

  • Track industry specific KPIs
  • See your most efficient candidate sources
  • Trend Activity Ratios with ease

Employee Scorecards

You sit down for your monthly review with an employee. How are they doing? Do you have the data to show it?

We summarize all the data for an employee in one place so you (and they!) have performance data accessible and constantly updated.

  • Collect activity, financial, and KPI data
  • Rankings vs peers
  • Printable as a summary, or click through for details

Opportunity Stage Tracking

Identify where your sales process slows down using Stage Tracking.

See whether opportunities are spending too much time in the negotiation stage, demo stage, etc.

  • Track how long each stage takes
  • Diagnose bottlenecks in your cycle
  • Slice stages by client, employee, or deal

Activity Ratios

What is the efficiency of our recent activity? How can we be more efficient?

How many calls does it take to close a deal? Knowing the ratios of your activities shows you exactly how efficient your team is performing. Trend ratios over time and see problem areas.

  • Ratio of any activity to closed deal
  • Over-time visualization for any date range
  • Detailed ratios by client

Nightly Status Emails

How did your team do today? Who was the top performer? What deals came through?

We help you stay on top of things with a summary delivered to your inbox each night.

  • See yesterday’s important activities
  • Nightly or Weekly options
  • Customizable summary modules

Win / Loss Analysis

How many of our opportunities do we win? How many do we lose?

Our Won/Lost dashboard shows the rate at which you’ve closed opportunities over time and also by close date. Click the graph legend to see won/lost revenue to give you more information on the success of your business.

  • See the win percent of opportunities
  • View won/loss by employee
  • See won/lost revenue over time

Opportunity Dashboard

What are my open Opportunities? Which ones are in danger of being lost?

Our Opportunity Dashboard shows you four insights in one chart: age of opportunity, value, momentum and amount of effort spent. Zoom to the cluster you want to see and drill down for specific information on each Opportunity. Never let another deal slip through the cracks again.

  • At-a-glance overview of your opportunities
  • See what deals are in danger of being lost
  • Zoomable, drillable interface


Which marketing activity got the most leads? What’s their conversion rate?

See which won you more leads, this email blast or that webinar you ran. Track your primary marketing campaigns to see which was most effective, then track your influencing campaigns to see the activities that helped lead to a conversion.

  • Track efficiency of campaigns
  • See which activities influenced conversions
  • See data through to deal close



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For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


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