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CRM Category: Marketing Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Marketing Automation
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Ifbyphone manages, measures and automates voice conversations with your customers and prospects. These conversations cannot be managed using marketing automation or CRM software alone. Without Ifbyphone’s voice-based marketing automation, catching these interactions is like fishing with a hole in the bottom of your net – leads and information fall out. The Ifbyphone suite is a set of software-as-a-service applications including ad tracking, lead distribution, hosted IVR, and voice broadcasting. Companies of all sizes and across all industries use Ifbyphone including direct response, health care, real estate, home services, and lead generation.

Our Core Values

  1. We will be the easiest company you have ever worked with, whether you are an employee, customer or investor
  2. We are committed to do the right thing for our employees, customers and investors
  3. We need to think fast, move fast and grow fast
  4. We need to be profitable in order to consistently serve our employees, customer and investors


About the Product:

Lead Capture

Know who is calling and why

You drive leads from a variety of sources, online, offline, andmobile. But how do you know which marketing activities actually drive prospects to pick up the phone and call your sales team? Measuring the effect of your marketing and its ROI can be tricky.

Ifbyphone enables you to track the source of every call, understand the ROI associated with that source, and reinvest in the best performing sources. Then, as leads come in, Ifbyphone captures key information about each lead – from the prospect’s caller ID to the original Google keyword.

Now you can finally respond to the lead appropriately and begin a nurturing process to move that lead through your purchase funnel.

Track which ads drive phone leads

Trackable, virtual phone numbers are the gateway to better understanding your marketing ROI and a closer connection to your leads and customers. By simply using unique local or toll-free phone numbers in your offline, mobile, and online marketing, you track the success of campaigns. Additionally, these numbers work with Ifbyphone’s entire voice-based marketing automation platform providing a measurement solution for all voice leads.

Capture lead details in real-time

The Ifbyphone platform captures vital information about leads that you might not otherwise capture including called ID, duration of the call, keyword source, number of calls per keyword, conversion rate, and IVR responses. All of this data is delivered in real-time reports from the Ifbyphone platform. It also can be integrated with your CRM system such as Salesforce or other tracking systems such as Google Analytics. You can even append data such as name, city, and state using reverse lookup from our partner, and industry leader, TARGUSinfo®.

Turn an email lead into a phone lead

It is no secret that emails pile up. Ifbyphone customers report an average of 100 emails per day, day-after-day-after-day. The volume becomes so great it is difficult to respond effectively. Worse yet, some of these emails are leads – and the longer the response time, the colder the lead. MyLeadResponder solves this problem by simultaneously delivering an email lead and a phone call to the appropriate rep. This simultaneous delivery promotes immediate response leading to more qualified leads and more sales.

Make it easy for prospects to connect

MyLeadResponder also generates immediate connections from any online form with a “submit” button. Your prospect completes a form, clicks submit, and your sales rep receives an immediate call. You can also inject your web pages with a specific call to action using Ifbyphone Click-to-Call. When a prospect or customer enters their phone number, your rep and the lead are instantly connected by phone and begin having a conversation about your products and services. Click-to-call reduces website abandonment, increases lead conversion, and improves online marketing analytics

Capture incoming leads any time and on any device

The Ifbyphone voice-based marketing automation platform is compatible with any type of phone: land line, mobile phone or VoIP device. You can access your Ifbyphone account from a web browser, which makes it easy to manage leads, create qualifying questions, specify how calls are forwarded, and create call queues.

Lead Scoring

Determine which leads are sales ready

If your business relies heavily on live customer conversations, scoring may be the most critical component of your marketing efforts. You need a sure-fire way to determine which leads are ready for sales and which leads require nurturing. Voice-based marketing automation from Ifbyphone enables you to understand the caller’s readiness to purchase, and then ensures the call is forwarded appropriately. If you already score leads, chances are you score online interactions such as page visits or site downloads. But that’s only part of the equation. What about voice interactions between a lead and your business? By integrating call data such as caller ID, call history, call duration, even keywords, call recordings, IVR responses, and reverse lookup data you enrich your lead intelligence and increase your ability to convert that lead into a customer.

Qualify leads using interactive voice response (IVR)

Calls come into your business for many different reasons. With Ifbyphone you can ensure every one of them ends up in the right place. By using a series of automated questions you can determine a customer’s needs up front and then automatically route the call appropriately. Then take it one step further and route the calls based on the specifics of your business such as your office hours, nearest store or team schedule. Plus, you can easily set up a virtual call center to distribute leads to remote agents.

Integrate responses with CRM and marketing automation systems

When your prospects and customers call your business, Ifbyphone generates a range of voice interaction data including call count, time of day, call duration, caller geography and call routing information. These metrics can be used to supplement your existing systems and scoring algorithms. Leverage one of our existing integrations such as that requires no programming, or develop your own through our full suite of APIs.

Use rich keyword data to route prospects

Using SourceTrak by Ifbyphone, you gain a deeper understanding of the impact your search marketing has on your business. SourceTrak, pinpoints the keywords that drive phone calls, then forwards those calls to the right sales person. For example, a prospect researching refrigerators online is likely to call a retail location rather than purchase such a large item through ecommerce. When the prospect’s call comes into the store, Ifbyphone analyzes the keyword and phone number data and then automatically routes the call to the refrigerator department. When the sales person answers the phone, Ifbyphone whispers the specific keyword and phone number information (“Call from ‘Amana refrigerators’ online search”). Based on this “whisper” information, the sales rep answers the call prepared with a promotional offer tailored to the caller’s needs.

Act immediately on hot leads

Occasionally, a prospect comes to your site and takes an action to trigger a high score, indicating a hot lead. Typically, this lead is emailed to a rep and a notification is created in the CRM system. But, what if your rep is out of the office, or away from the CRM system? The lead languishes. UsingMyLeadResponder from Ifbyphone, your rep still receives an email and a CRM notification, but he also receives a phone call announcing the lead. From this call, your rep literally says, “yes” to the whispered prompt and Ifbyphone connects your rep and the prospect immediately. The lead doesn’t go cold and your rep has the opportunity of connecting when the prospect is most engaged. That’s how voice-based marketing automation improves your existing process and connects lead score and lead response.



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