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This CRM Review examines SPIN Selling.

In-Depth CRM Review

SPIN Selling

Huthwaite, Inc.
901 North Glebe Road
Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22203-1853


Telephone:  (703) 467-3800
Toll Free:    (800) 851-3842
Fax:            (703) 467-3801


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Huthwaite is the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization. Founded on scientifically validated behavioral research, their methodologies—which include the internationally renowned SPIN® Selling—guarantee sales success. Huthwaite assesses its clients’ needs and develops customized sales performance improvement and coaching programs for sales and marketing professionals that drive real business results. Continually recognized as a leader in the field for its successful work in sales performance improvement, both Selling Power magazine and the website added Huthwaite to their lists of top companies in the sales training industry.

About the Product:

The most effective selling skills model in history. Sales skills selling skills.

SPIN® 2.0 is a practical, hands-on program developed from Huthwaite’s groundbreaking research into effective selling skills. Based on today’s best-validated models for selling, the program uses an innovative design that not only develops selling skills, but provides the tools needed for ongoing reinforcement.

Are your sales opportunities moving quickly and surely through your pipeline?

Does a lack of speed have any impact on your behavior towards the end of each quarter?

SPIN® 2.0 teaches salespeople to uncover implied needs (statements by the customer of problems, difficulties, and dissatisfactions) and to develop them into explicit needs (specific customer statements of wants or desires). Explicit needs are the only basis for a sale.

Salespeople will learn how to:

  • Uncover customer business problems and develop those needs they best meet
  • Present their offerings with high impact, avoiding “feature dumps” and discounting
  • Differentiate their offerings from the competition, even in a commodity environment
  • Win business without discounting
  • Make credible sales calls at senior executive levels


Rich’s View of SPIN Selling:

I have said it before, I wish that I’d had SPIN Selling at the beginning of my sales career! My retirement account would easily have an additional million dollars collecting interest!

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Short List:

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