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Hearsay Social

This CRM Review examines Hearsay Social.

In-Depth CRM Review

Hearsay Social

Hearsay Social, Inc.
185 Berry Street
Suite 3800
San Francisco, CA 94107-1725


Telephone:  (415) 692-6230
Toll Free:    (888) 990-3777


CRM Category: Selling on the Web – Cloud
Sub-Category: Social CRM
Seats: Small Enterprise/Enterprise


About the Company:

Hearsay Social empowers global sales forces to efficiently and successfully use social media to attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business. The enterprise-ready solution enables sales representatives to quickly and easily move beyond yesterday’s sales tactics and adopt today’s leading social-selling techniques. The Hearsay Social platform boosts sales productivity and incorporates best practices while ensuring brand integrity and compliance for even the most regulated industries. Tens of thousands of salespeople worldwide use Hearsay Social every day to hear and respond to everything their customers and prospects are saying on top social networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Hearsay Social, a SIFMA strategic partner, has raised $21M from Sequoia Capital, NEA, and top executives from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube, and is headquartered in Silicon Valley with dedicated local presences in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Toronto, and London.

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About the Product:

Social sales. Enterprise ready. Success included.

Tens of thousands of sales representatives worldwide use Hearsay Social to move beyond yesterday’s sales tactics and successfully adopt today’s leading social-selling techniques. Using the proven software solution, salespeople can hear and respond to everything prospects and customers are saying on top social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Hearsay Social’s enterprise class technologies boost sales productivity, increase the reach of your marketing message, while ensuring brand integrity and compliance for even the most regulated industries. That’s why some of the world’s largest sales forces rely on it to prospect, retain customers, and grow their business.

Social Sales Solution

Attract prospects, retain customers, and grow revenue.

The platform is optimized for salespeople, empowering them to easily adopt leading social-selling techniques to attract prospects, retain customers, and grow business. Easy to use capabilities such as social signals alerts, scheduling, and libraries of ready-to-publish content provide everything sales representatives need to sell socially with only a few minutes a day.

Social Marketing Solution

Scale your marketing team.

Designed for sophisticated social programs, Hearsay Social’s platform enables marketers to manage high-volume social accounts and enagagement as well as easily distribute brand posts and campaigns to thousands of sales representatives with just a few clicks. Track ROI with roll-up analytics for the entire brand on all major networks.

Social Compliance Solution

Enterprise ready. Any device.

Enterprise-ready compliance for regulated industries, including FINRA, IIROC, SEC, and FSA regulated firms. Capture, supervise, and archive social communications no matter the device, access point, or location from which your employees network with their customers and prospects.

Strategy, Training, and Support

Your success is our business.

Each Customer Success Manager is a veteran social strategist, hailing from tech giants like Facebook,, Google, and Microsoft. Maximize your investment in social media. Drive social sales effectiveness with easy onboarding and comprehensive training. Stay updated on new social media features, trends, and best practices.

Enterprise Rights Management

Architecture and integrations at unmatched scale.

    • Single sign-on for 1-click secure login
    • Real-time sync of employee records and organizational hierarchies
  • Deep Enterprise Integration

Enterprise hierarchies are built into every aspect of the Hearsay Social product
Delivering scale, reliability, integration, and security without compromise. Enhance your operational efficiency with single sign-on (SSO) through SAML2 and OpenID, and integrate social data with existing enterprise systems via LDAP.



For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


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