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This CRM Review examines Front Row Solutions.

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Front Row Solutions

Front Row Solutions
3495 Laird Road
Unit 6
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada, L5L 5S5

Telephone: (416) 716-9734
Toll Free:  (800) 986-0983
Fax:  (

CRM Category: Sales Productivity & Accountability Management System – Cloud
Sub-Category: Call Reporting
Seats: Mid Market


About the Company:

Mission Statement

To help our customers improve their revenue and profit by providing a user-friendly, productivity-rich CRM system that is helpful and engaging for the sales rep and provides real-time insight to the sales management team.


Front Row’s focus is the sales rep. That is the fundamental difference between us and the rest of the field. There is a market place full of CRM systems designed by IT experts that assume they know what is best for the sales rep. They do not have the benefit of experience. Everyone on Front Row’s management team began their careers as sales reps. We have all been frustrated working with these IT focused CRM systems and we have found them wanting. We searched industry websites, blogs and articles and discovered that we were not alone in our dissatisfaction with CRM product options. We discovered huge CRM failure rates and extremely low sale rep compliance. We interviewed hundreds of sales reps in an effort to find out what they wanted in a CRM system. This research revealed that sales reps were looking for an easy to learn, fast and easy to use, mobile-based reporting system that would help them improve their sales and ultimately earn them more money. The market was looking for an alternative – one focused on the sales rep and the sales manager. What you will find in this website is the result of more than 4 years of careful product development, testing and review. We have developed a system that a sales rep can learn in less than 10 minutes; a sales rep can complete a sales report from a mobile device immediately after a call in less than 30 seconds and one that provides significant productivity tools to help increase sales and earn higher commissions. For the sales manager, we provide real time insight and information into every sales call, every customer contact and every sales rep. A sales manager need never manage reps with blinders on again. Front Row can be used as a stand- alone fully functional CRM or can be integrated into any of the current legacy CRM systems bringing sales rep engagement and buy-in to some not so sales rep friendly CRM systems. We have integrated into Sales Force, ACT, Sugar, MicroSoft Dynamics as well as many other less known and home grown systems. I hope you will review and evaluate the Front Row System. I believe you will be impressed and your sales reps will love it. Our customers achieve sales rep compliance levels of 95% or better enabling us to provide our customers with databases that are both accurate and relevant.

Executive Team: Etien D’Hollander, CEO/Founder

Etien is a career sales person who has spent over 30 years selling in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. His success in sales has given him the opportunity to explore his enterprising spirit. Etien started and sold several companies which have allowed him to focus on his true passion – sales and sales rep professionalism. Etien started Front Row Solutions in 2008 after percolating ideas around how to improve and engage the sales rep in sales reporting to benefit both the sales rep and the company. Etien is an angel investor and advisor to several small companies and sits on several management teams. Etien loves sports and is a voracious reader. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. Etien can be reached at


About the Product, Front Row Solutions:

Front Row Solutions’ unique Sales Productivity & Accountability management system fulfills the promise of ‘Real Time’ information.  This software provides both management and sales representatives with an instant overview of their sales performance at any given moment.

Is your company struggling to step up to the next level?  Are you constantly grasping for accurate sales reports and sales activity status from your sales organization?  Are you seeking clarity and reliable ‘actionable’ data to empower you to make effective and informed decisions and manage your success rather than constantly feeling like you’re in ‘catch up’ mode?

Front Row Solutions can increase your company’s sales revenue by providing  real time data, enabling daily clarity on your company’s sales performance.

Revolutionize your business with Real-time Sales Activity data

Having real-time sales data and metrics at your fingertips provides invaluable insight to provide direction and training to your sales staff.  With our system, effective sales call tracking and sales rep tracking are now possible enabling your company to enhance sales performance.

Any effective sales management tool must be designed with user acceptance and ease of use in mind and we’ve incorporated several features in our system that strive to ease the daily sales call report activity for all sales representatives.

Sales representatives can transmit sales data and sales metrics seamlessly into Front Row’s management dashboard via SMS Text Message, mobile browser on smart phones or via the Internet on laptops.

Because of our system’s ease of use and multiple data entry opportunities, sales representatives can now spend  less than 5 minutes per day reporting all sales activity.   Less time spent on reporting and administration equates to more available time for additional sales calls and the opportunity to increase productivity and revenue.

Built-in Sales Productivity Tools

Speaking of productivity, your sales representatives will love all of the built-in productivity tools associated with Front Row Solutions’ software including:

  • Full Customer Contact & negotiation notes data entry fields
  • Outlook Calender sync capability with all Front Row Solutions scheduled calls, follow-ups and reminders
  • Route Planning & Mapping Systems to assist in daily/weekly sales call logistics
  • Remote sales negotiation notes entry

How it Works

After a sales call the sales rep sends a message to the FrontRow servers. Messages can be sent by our smart phone app (compatible with BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and Android devices), SMS text message, our mobile internet site, or by computer (logging into the FrontRow home page). Companies can use one method of message delivery, or a combination, whichever is easiest and most effective for their business. Sales reps can send messages in 30 seconds or less! By the time they have waited for the elevator or walked to their car, they have sent in valuable information to complete their sales report, and are on their way to their next sales call.

When the message hits the FrontRow Server we:

  • Identify the sales rep that sent the message
  • Identify the client that was called on
  • Date and time stamp the message
  • Populate the information into the customized dashboard (More)
  • Populate the client database with all critical information from that visit, adding to the historical database for that client
  • Populate a sales rep analytics database

This whole process takes less than 5 seconds after the message has been received by our servers!

Once the information sent by sales reps has been compiled, the management team has access to real time sales call metrics and updates including:

  • Time of day that all sales calls were made by the reps
  • Which clients were visited
  • Number of sales calls by each rep
  • The selling hours
  • Time spent on selling, administration, phone calls, etc
  • Benchmarking information by sales rep, district and region
  • Purpose, result and follow up date for every sales call.
  • The FrontRow solution holds your sales force accountable and results in increased productivity

Sales Process Activity Card

It has been well documented that developing a sales process has a huge impact on improving sales rep performance. Unfortunately, most companies do not get consistent, pertinent information regarding sales rep compliance to the sales process. At FrontRow we have developed a sales process through our custom activity card. We create a custom activity card identifying the most important information that sales reps need to address in every sales call.

These questions might include:

  • Who was contacted
  • Purpose of the call
  • Result
  • Follow up date & time
  • Issues
  • Competitive information
  • Contact information

The activity card forces the sales rep to follow the sales process and gives the company feedback on the key components inside the sales process. The creation of the activity card forces management to come into agreement of the key sales strategies and is the single most important part of the FrontRow system.

Front Row Solutions – CRM Integration

FrontRow has been recognized as the fastest, easiest sales reporting tool ever. It allows sales reps more time to sell and provides them with the tools needed to be more organized and productive in the field. When sales reps have more time to sell, they can increase their overall sales, ultimately increasing your company’s profits.

For many companies switching CRM providers is not an option. They have spent too much time and money to move to another solution. The goal for these companies is to re-engage with the sales reps and increase compliance, productivity and sales reporting insight. With that in mind FrontRow is able to provide two sales reporting options.

FrontRow can be integrated into any CRM system, providing you with the advantages of the FrontRow reporting tool but still populating your existing CRM database.Only the sales rep will be interfaced with FrontRow reporting tool; the rest of your company will be able to access the reported information on the FrontRow website and through your existing CRM system.

The integration can be setup as one directional: information flows from the sales rep to the FrontRow server and then into the CRM system, populating your existing database. It can also be setup as two directional: information flows from the sales rep to the FrontRow servers and then into the CRM system; information can also flow from the CRM system back through the FrontRow servers to the sales rep, allowing reps access to the updated CRM database information. An example of two directional integration: your marketing department creates a prospect–> prospect is automatically populated in FrontRow server and assigned to the correct sales rep–>sales rep makes a sales call to the prospect, entering his report through the FrontRow application–>information populates in the FrontRow system and CRM system, both accessible by the marketing department.

We have integrated FrontRow with most of the major CRM systems. Below you will find a description with how we integrated into Sales Force.

We have integrated with Sales Force using the API’s with the API library provided in We have the ability to synchronize many elements between FrontRow and Sales Force. Our current deployments synchronize a combination of Sales Force Tasks, Users, and Clients to FrontRow Activities, Users and Clients. This will happen when any of the records are added, edited or deleted on either system.

There are many options available when looking at Sales Force and FrontRow inter-connectivity. We usually work with a company’s Sales Force Administrators and sales management to understand what is important to the company and the CRM to create a custom solution that marries Sales Force and FrontRow.



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For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


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Rich’s View of Front Row Solutions:

My initial feedback of Front Row Solutions is very favorable. If your sales cycles are shorter or continuous, you really have to get a proper demo of this solution to fully appreciate precisely how it can help your business!

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This review is undergoing a major update and should be available real soon now!

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Short List:

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      • Front Row Solutions is unique. I do not know of another CRM solution that provides these capabilities.


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