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Forecast Pro

This CRM Review examines Forecast Pro.

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Forecast Pro

Business Forecast Systems, Inc.
68 Leonard Street
Belmont, MA 02478-2522


Telephone:  (617) 484-5050
Toll Free:    
Fax:            (617) 484-9219


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – On Premise
Sub-Category: Quotas & Sales Forecasting
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Founded in 1986, Business Forecast Systems, Inc. (BFS), is the maker of Forecast Pro, the leading software solution for business forecasting, and is a premier provider of forecasting education. With more than 35,000 users worldwide, Forecast Pro helps thousands of companies improve planning, cut inventory costs and decrease stockouts by improving the accuracy of their forecasts.

Headquartered in Belmont, Massachusetts, BFS was co-founded by Dr. Robert (Bob) Goodrich and Eric Stellwagen and is privately held.

About the Product:

Forecast Pro is a comprehensive forecasting and forecast management system. This affordable and easy-to-use solution gives your team the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and improving your forecast process.

Forecast Pro includes the following, and much more!

  • A wide range of forecasting models with an automatic “best pick” option
  • Specialized methods for new products, promoted items, and one-time events
  • An easy-to-use override grid for making and documenting forecast adjustments
  • Tools for forecast collaboration and team forecasting
  • Features for working with multiple hierarchies and units of measure
  • Flexible reporting formats including one-click, direct-to-Excel
  • Forecast vs. actual tracking with extensive exception reporting
  • Integration of multiple forecasts for S&OP
  • Customizable worksheets that can include imported information
  • Easy integration with databases and corporate systems
  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit support

Forecast Pro

  • is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish versions through our International Distributors.
  • has been formally integrated into several commercially—available Partner Solutions—including ERP, DP, SCM and other systems after being deemed to be the “best of breed” after intensive evaluation.


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For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please see:


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