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This CRM Review examines Customer Centric Selling.

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Customer Centric Selling

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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Sales Process Management/Structured Selling Methodology
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Sales Training: Sales Performance Challenges

In today’s competitive market, the challenge withsuccessful sales skills is not as much about selling, but how you can create a superior customer experience. Using a traditional product selling approach, 90% of sales forecasts are not closing when expected – if at all. 90% of customers that implemented CRM do not take into account how their customers want to buy.

When sellers and buyers meet for the first time, today’s internet savvy purchasers have already researched the product and the competitive landscape, yet the traditionalsales process is product-centered which results in longer sales cycles and often times, lost opportunities. The biggest competitor that sellers continue to face is “no decision.”

So how do you win? You win by providing a superior customer experience that is derived from expert selling skills delivered through the CustomerCentric Selling® sales training workshops. The CustomerCentric Selling® methodology creates an atmosphere that makes customers want to buy. Click on the “Our Approach” tab to learn more about the differences between the traditional sales processand the CustomerCentric Selling® approach.

About the Product:

Sales Training Workshops with World-class Sales Training and Sales Skills Improvement to Improve your Sales Process and Sales Performance

CustomerCentric Selling®, The Sales Training Company, is a leading global sales training company that helps clients worldwide improve sales performance through consultative sales trainingsales courses and sales skills improvement. We offer a proven sales consultingmethodology through a tactical sales process that arms companies with selling skills that enable them to predictably increase revenue without increasing the cost of sales. Get on the fast track today by attending one of our public or custom sales training workshops! Don’t forget to also visit our sales training blog by clicking here!

Corporate Sales Training Workshops & Sales Courses

We want our clients to learn how to personalize their product for each individual buyer. Traditional business presentations do not sell, getting to know the clients and their needs do. Our corporate sales training helps sellers to show buyers how their product can actually help them personally instead of simply presenting to the buyer how the product works, leaving the buyer to decide how it can work for them. Ultimately, our corporate sales training helps to refine and enhance our clients’ sales process.

Consultative Sales Training & Sales Skills Improvement

At CustomerCentric Selling® we serve all sizes of business. Whether our clients are looking for corporate sales training or small business sales training, what matters to us is the importance of the product and how we can help our clients to sell it more effectively. Through consultative sales training and sales skills improvement, we help our clients in developing quality selling skills and sales strategiesin order to excel in a competitive marketplace. Our clients growth and success, is our success. Sign up for one of our sales training workshopstoday!


Rich’s View of Customer Centric Selling:

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Short List:

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