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This CRM Review examines Crushpath.

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Crushpath Systems
2012 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-4819


Telephone:  (415) 363-0343
Toll Free:    (888) 379-6487


CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Opportunity Management
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Crushpath is the new way to pitch and get business. We connect professionals with customers and help them grow. Now anyone can pitch their business, product, event, job or service and get it in front of the right people at the right time. As the fastest growing pitch network in the world, Crushpath changes the way businesses grow.

About the Product:

Crushpath is redefining sales software by empowering salespeople to ABC — always be closing.

The Crushpath platform offers a single view into the play-by-play of a deal as it unfolds so salespeople can see and do everything they need to get a deal done. Traditional sales pipeline and records management software is built for managers and administrators — it not only ignores the needs of the salespeople, but also gets in the way. Crushpath delivers critical information around a deal when it matters most and provides salespeople a way to act on that information to move the deal forward.

Crushpath filters out external noise and proactively pulls relevant information about a deal from multiple internal and external sources including email, news, websites such as LinkedIn and Google, files and other software such as marketing and CRM and presents it in a seamless, chronological, actionable way. This information flow helps sales teams understand how and when to engage with the customer and internal team members. Crushpath also allows salespeople to create a “third place” to foster communication and collaboration between everyone involved in a deal, whether they are the prospect or a member of the sales team.

Product Overview

Key components of Crushpath include:

  • The Crushpath: The core of the application. A single, chronological view of deal activity from lead to close. This allows a salesperson to see and act on everything that matters to a deal when it matters most. Crushpath integrates into one system the myriad of activities salespeople currently handle, including files, email, calendaring, document sharing and more. Crushpath enables salespeople to communicate and collaborate with internal teams as well as teams on the prospect side, managing the flow of information and overall progress of a deal.
  • Private Customer Sites: Salespeople can create private, personalized sites for prospects and customers. This landing page can include links and files for marketing materials, third party research and news articles to tell a cohesive story about a company or product in a targeted, organized way.
  • Just-In-Time Coaching: Crushpath offers suggestions and recommendations when they are needed most. For example, automated alerts will let salespeople know when it is time to send a prospect a marketing deck or contract and include a link to the current version of that document. Additionally, colleagues can offer helpful tips at critical milestones of the sales cycle.
  • CRM Integration: Crushpath works as a stand-alone solution or integrates with a company’s existing CRM and other cloud-based applications.



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Rich’s View of Crushpath:

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Short List:

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