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This CRM Review examines IMPACT Selling®.

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IMPACT Selling®

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CRM Category: Sales Management Support – Cloud
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About the Company:

We are a corporate sales training company that builds and implements customized corporate sales training and effectiveness initiatives that work in the real world.

Proven. As a sales training company with 30+ years of sales research, knowledge, and in-the-field practice mean we know what works in sales and sales management. At the core of every program delivered by The Brooks Group are the solid, tested principles and tools of IMPACT Selling, the system we honed over 15 years of research and invested three years in validating. From our in-house curriculum design team and on-site audio/video studio to our expert live facilitators and virtual corporate sales training center, we’ve got everything it takes to make your sales effectiveness initiative work…and work fast.

Our corporate sales training and reinforcement systems are designed to get results, and they do:  87% of our clients report “significant” sales increases.

Trusted.We’ve customized sales effectiveness initiatives – including hiring, sales training, sales management coaching, and reinforcement – based on IMPACT Selling principles for clients in more than 350 industries. Whether your
industry is financial services or healthcare, industrial distribution or medical devices, chances are that we’ve worked with someone you know and respect.

85% of our client relationships last more than 8 years. Our clients know we will partner with them to make smart, measurable improvements.

Relevant.Decision makers can be suspicious, resistant, or apathetic. We’ve proven that a simple, front-end-loaded selling process – one that focuses more on opening sales than closing them—breaks through these barriers by allowing customers to buy the way they want to buy. Because sales effectiveness programs must help your salespeople and their managers succeed in your unique environment, nearly 25% of our sales training company is dedicated to tailoring our powerful IMPACT Selling-based programs to your industry, business, and personnel.

Customization makes improvement “stick.” Three months after on-site training events with The Brooks Group sales training company, 98% of sales professionals are using IMPACT Selling in their day-to-day sales activities. 

About the Product:

Our Sales Methodology – A Closer Look at IMPACT Selling®

As much as physical talent plays into it, developed situational awareness – “field sense” – is really what distinguishes the greats: the Gretskys, the Michael Jordans, Marinos and Montanas.  It’s about knowing what’s happening in the game and the best move to make now to position yourself for the score.

IMPACT Selling System Teaches “Field Sense” for Sales

With IMPACT you’ll always know where you stand in relation to the sale and how to move forward and position yourself for the final success.  And you’ll understand why the moves you make early in the sale can either obstruct or ensure success with that client.

Ideally, each stage sets up success for the next – building persuasive momentum for a frictionless and inevitable win.  Here’s a look at how IMPACT selling system does it:


  • Replacing a “shotgun” approach to winning the sale with a systematic pull prospecting method of capturing the most truly qualified leads with the least effort.
  • Eliminating wasted effort on low- to no-potential leads that burn valuable time and never close
  • Ensuring you show up to that first meeting already knowing the score: the prospect’s current business situation, likely needs, and market position


  • Eliminate annoying small talk from your approach (and why you shouldn’t engage in small talk at all) and learn how to naturally and smoothly set your agenda for the sales call while soliciting buyer’s intent
  • How to go below surface-level sales techniques and leverage want-based sales strategies
  • Giving you the big picture on how to set up the close within the first few minutes of the meeting


  • Learn the magic 6 categories of questions that inevitably uncover your prospects motives to buy and allow you to apply sound consultative-selling techniques
  • Discover how the 3-deep technique gets you deeper into the buyer’s mindset and keeps you from prematurely blundering into a presentation
  • An easy and simple way to keep track of your applied benefits.


  • Understanding how to read key indicators for “the next step/move” so you can confidently draw your client through the sales process as fast as possible
  • Showing you the magic 2 habits that allow you to dramatically reduce price-pressure and sell at higher margins


  • The difference between leading your buyer into discovering your product’s applications and benefits instead of “pitching” them on benefits.  When the prospect makes the connection, it’s his discovery and his confidence – confidence in your product or service!


  • The 5 key elements of confidently concluding the sale so as to cement and ensure long term business.  Most sales training simply tunnel-focuses on “closing.” There’s 4 other elements to successfully gaining repeat business!

None of this is complicated, right?  But all of it speaks to potential rough spots that sales professionals frequently face.  And these seemingly simple techniques are also very psychologically sophisticated and powerfully sequenced.

Simple and effective – it’s the only combination that works when it comes to successfully implementing a sales system.

That’s why sales managers rave over the IMPACT selling system – it gets results for their sales force AND it allows them to manage their organization’s overall sales effort rather than their people’s time and paperwork. Successfully herd your sales cats with IMPACT selling system.


Rich’s View of IMPACT Selling®:

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Short List:

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