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BlueStone Nexus

BlueStone Business Development Ltd.
19/20 Dov Hoz Street
Kfar Saba 44356


Telephone:  +972 (9) 7415201
US Phone:   (410) 338-1285
Email:  Contact BlueStone


CRM Category: Marketing Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Lead Management
Seats: Small Enterprise/Enterprise


About the Company:

BlueStone Business Development was founded in a small city just north of Tel Aviv in Israel in 2010. The founders have a background in technology and engineering and, more important, with trade shows. That’s what led to the development of a software solution to collect lead data and manage the information flow.

BlueStone was developed to meet a need at trade shows, specifically those in Germany, a country with a large number of events. Because of the privacy habits (it is changing now) there, badges, which in the U.S. contain data on the wearer, have no information beyond the name and company, so alternative means of data collection are required.

That began the design of BlueStone Nexus, our product. It started with replacing business card collection and lead forms, with lead qualifiers and notes to which they were stapled. It also needed to include the following features:

  • Business card photograph with OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Customizable lead qualifiers
  • Define lead strength
  • Schedule follow up
  • Means of distributing marketing collateral
  • Sharing platform because trade show visitors usually collect information for others in the company
  • Integration with CRM


So this product is actually a pre-CRM application, one that integrates seamlessly with existing CRM solutions and acts as a bridge.

Bluestone BD offers a unique platform for companies to manage the sales cycle efficiently, to know how their marketing materials are perceived by potential customers and to be able to accurately gauge their return on investment on marketing events such as trade shows and presentations.


About the Product:

BlueStone Nexus—Your best choice for Lead Management

It’s the lead collection and management solution that works anywhere you are—a trade show, conference, client meeting or even a restaurant—with all the features you want or need. Starting with a snapshot of a business card, you check off customized lead qualifiers, set a follow up date, distribute marketing collateral, get reports on those you met with, export the data to your CRM. It’s the all-in-one app.

Trade Show Lead Management and More…

Works anywhere

Your smartphone or tablet is all you need to collect lead information on a lead or prospect. So breakfast, lunch or dinner, at a trade show, on a sales call—any time you connect with someone you’re good to go.


Remember how the page with all the special lead information got separated from the business card it was stapled to? This is no longer an issue. BlueStone Nexus collects all that data on your smartphone or tablet: lead qualifiers (you choose what info you want), follow up date, and any special notes you take.

On or Offline

WiFi or mobile connections not available? Too expensive? Service can fluctuate, especially in exhibition centers. With BlueStone Nexus, it’s not a problem. You can upload your leads at your convenience, even sitting in Starbucks with your latte.

Smart Business

Want to add your new contacts into Outlook? Want to know how often documents you gave prospects were viewed and for how long? Need a list of your visitors? With BlueStone Nexus, you can do all this and more, such as lead quality (the ‘A’ leads), areas of interest, and that report for yourself on whom you met.

Export to CRM

Say goodbye to manual data entry. With BlueStone Nexus you export all your data (contact information, lead qualifiers, lead quality, follow-up information, notes, and which marketing collateral you provided) into Outlook, an Excel spreadsheet or, with an affordable custom interface, into your enterprise CRM. Maybe your staff can make a few extra sales calls with all the time saved.

Cloud Based

Easy installation. No servers to concern you. Download the app, log in and you’re done. BlueStone Nexus is in the cloud. As for the leads shipped in the crates with your booth? No worries. You have all you need stored in the cloud so you won’t get rained because of lost data. With BlueStone Nexus working for you, it’s always sunny.

Sharing Platform

Unique to BlueStone Nexus is its sharing platform, storing all your marketing collateral (documents, brochures, links, videos—whatever you want to provide prospects and customers), distributing it, and—and this is really great—give visitors the ability to annotate and share these with their colleagues. Decisions are made by teams, not individuals; sharing information about your company is critical to that process. And there’s more: once shared, the other team members can also annotate and respond without having to register as a user.

Any Language

Provide all your collateral in your visitors’ languages. Wherever you are, BlueStone Nexus speaks the local dialect. If you sell and/or exhibit in different countries, that’s not a problem with BlueStone Nexus. It’s all there on your smartphone or tablet for easy distribution to leads, prospects, and visitors. Think of how many trees you’ll save by not printing all that stuff.

Scan Business Cards

Data is collected using the visitor’s business card so you know the info you have is correct. No typos from data entry. Think about it. People never give away their business cards with incorrect information! If the person has a new job title, they cross out the old one before handing you the card. And too often, the information from the organizer is replete with errors or the email goes to the person who filled in the form. With BlueStone Nexus, because you take a photo of the business card, you can be sure the information you collect is always right.

No Special Equipment

Android? Apple? Blackberry? PC? Download the app to your smartphones or tablets and you’re ready for action. No more equipment rentals so you save money using BlueStone Nexus. Windows Phone coming soon.

Follow Up

Pre-set your follow up actions so your prospect knows when you’ll be in touch. Getting back from an event, your desk is piled high with things you ignored while you were away. With BlueStone Nexus, in tandem with your CRM, you know when your next appointments are with prospects, leads and existing customers. How convenient!

On January 2, 2015 BlueStone launched version 3.0, which adds significant functions to the BlueStone Nexus system.

Increased Flexibility

After a discussion between a salesperson and a visitor/attendee at a trade show, there are three basic steps that are done to collect information for follow up:

  • Identify the visitor: Collect contact data with either a business card or a badge
  • Qualify: Use exhibitor-defined qualifiers to define the business opportunity
  • Send collateral: Using a smartphone or tablet, send marketing information immediately

The system is completely flexible. You can begin anywhere: identification, collateral, or lead qualifiers. Then continue to the others and select your order for completion.

Extract visitor’s information from badge

Depending on where a trade show takes place, badges may or may not have contact data. Even with data, it’s not always accurate.

Most badges show the name, job title and company. Just as with a business card, simply take a photo of the badge and had your visitor your smartphone / tablet to enter his email address. Continue with lead qualifiers, distributing collateral, and setting the follow up date and lead strength.


When you have a group of visitors from a single company, Nexus will group them. Complete the actions for the first visitor (identify, qualify and send collateral). Then, just identify the others in the group using a business card or badge/email address. The rest is done automatically. Each one will send collateral to each person and use the same qualifiers.

Personalized email to visitors

Emails sent to visitors with the selected collateral are now signed by the salesperson who collected the data along with his/her photo and downloadable V-card.

Visitor emails are now bilingual

You can choose any two languages for your follow up emails.


For complete pricing details, please contact the company directly.


For a proper demo of this CRM solution:

For a proper demo of this CRM solution, please contact the company directly.


Rich’s View of BlueStone Nexus:

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