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Astea International

This CRM Review examines Astea ServiceVision.

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Astea ServiceVision

Astea International Inc.
240 Gibraltar Road
Horsham, PA 19044-2306


Telephone:  (215) 682-2500
Toll Free:    (800) 347-7334
Fax:            (215) 682-2515


CRM Category: Customer Support – Cloud
Sub-Category: Field Service Management
Seats: Small Enterprise


About the Company:

Increasing the Velocity of Business

Astea International is a global provider of service management softwaresolutions that address the unique needs of companies who manage capital equipment, mission critical assets and human capital. With the acquisition of FieldCentrix, Astea complements its existing portfolio with the industry’s leading mobile field service execution solutions. Since 1979, Astea has licensed applications to companies, around the world, in a wide range of sectors including information technology, telecommunications, instruments and controls, business systems, HVAC, gaming/leisure, imaging, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

Our market-proven solutions enable companies to:

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Compress the contract-to-cash cycle
  • Identify incremental sales opportunities and improve revenue recovery
  • Collapse non-value added workflows
  • Enhance resource utilization and reduce downtime
  • Coordinate efforts of sales, marketing and service organizations
  • Improve compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs), contracts and warranties
  • Synchronize every customer touch point for increased customer satisfaction

Founded in 1979, Astea has been publicly traded since 1995. Integrating creative business ideas with technological innovation and best practice expertise, we provide comprehensive enterprise solutions supporting workforce and asset management. The depth of our industry experience ensures solutions with rich “out-of-the-box” functionality for rapid ROI.

Focused on serving the unique needs of service-centric organizations, Astea has licensed marketing, sales, service, support and mobile applications to over 500 companies worldwide, including leaders in a diverse range of industries. These include such verticals as Medical Technology, Point-of-Sale Equipment, Business Systems, Industrial Controls, Building (HVAC) Systems, Information Technology, V-Commerce, Electronics, Imaging Equipment, Network Operations Centers, and Telecommunications

Astea International (ATEA) is traded on the NASDAQ.

About the Product:

Complete Visibility & Control of Your Service Supply Chain

The service landscape is shifting. Customer demands continue to increase. It is no longer enough to just satisfy customers; instead we must learn ways to continuously delight our customers. More and more companies are coming to the realization that customer service is no longer just a cost of doing business but rather a great opportunity for revenue growth and competitive differentiation. In order to capitalize on this revenue generating opportunity, companies need to embrace and adopt a service lifecycle management strategy. Adopting Service Lifecycle Management means that companies need to begin looking at the service opportunity as a lifecycle rather than an event or even a series of discrete events. Companies need to shift from being reactive to being proactive and protective of the customer and leveraging customer information to look ahead and manage the customer.

Breaking Down the Barriers… A Fundamental Competitive Advantage

An Integrated Approach

Breaking down the traditional barriers between departmental and enterprise systems is key to taking your enterprise to another level. World-class service companies know that an integrated approach that ties call centers, depots, field service, sales and office personnel together provides the most value to their customers. With Astea’s portfolio of solutions we can provide the comprehensive service lifecycle management information backbone that you need to survive in this competitive and dynamic environment.

Scalable, Open and Modular

Introduce solutions one area at a time or deploy as a seamless information backbone across the entire service lifecycle continuum. Eliminate the patchwork of disparate systems that can hamper your ability to provide best-in-class service due to the “siloing” of vital customer information. With our open and scalable architecture you can easily leverage your existing and future technology investments.

Real-Time Performance Management

Unify your information for a 360º view of your customer and your business. Our unique capabilities help you conveniently and effectively measure, predict, plan and optimize your overall service lifecycle management strategy. With personalized, multi-dimensional views, easy-to-assess dashboards and proactive alerts, you get the insight you need to increase competitiveness and profitability, drive stakeholder value, and mitigate business risks.

Unmatched Experience & Expertise

Leading organizations around the world are running their service lifecycle business on our solutions. An innovator and thought leader since 1979, we are the company to turn to when operational excellence and delivering best-in-class service are your objectives.



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