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1CRM Corp.
706-189 Davie Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2X9

Telephone: (604) 960-1828
Toll Free:  
Fax:  (604) 960-1829

CRM Category: Strategic Solution – Cloud
Sub-Category: Contact Manager
Seats: Small Business


About the Company:

Founded in 1997, and headquartered in downtown Vancouver, 1CRM Corp. is a privately held Canadian company. We are dedicated to the transformation of smaller organizations, enabling them to provide online information and services while improving their cost model and streamlining their internal business processes. We specialize in identifying methods for employees of these businesses to work together more effectively and efficiently, and supporting those activities with browser-based software systems. By keeping a focus on the needs of the individual we deliver software solutions with elegant simplicity.

Our principal product is info@hand, a Customer Relationship and Business Management system (CRBM) which delivers Customer Relationship Management, Order Management, Project Management, Customer Service and HR capabilities – with a focus on data security and ease of use.

Targeted at businesses up to 250 employees, info@hand is available as installable software for On Premise deployment, or as a Cloud-Hosted service. By tailoring info@hand for specific client needs, our global partner network is able to deliver custom-fit CRM-centric business management solutions for Small Business at affordable prices.

1CRM Corp. and its partner network bring to each new client a wealth of experience in:

  • Business Strategy and Analysis
  • Communications and Design;
  • Information Management;
  • IT Strategy;
  • Security;
  • Software Application Architecture, Design & Development; and
  • Implementation and Training;

Our partners can also offer a full range of management consulting capabilities that will take you successfully from strategy to execution.

About the Product:

Affordable by businesses of any size, accessible in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and a growing list of other languages, and designed to grow with your business, info@hand gives your organization instant access to its vital corporate information, via desktop or mobile devices.

The info@hand CRBM System blends a best-of-breed Customer Relationship Management system with comprehensive order management, project, resource, service & HR management, a free Self-Service Portal with eStore, and optional QuickBooks integration.

CRM Features:

info@hand provides integrated management of corporate information on customer accounts and contacts, sales leads and opportunities, plus activities including calls, meetings, emails, notes and assigned tasks. Automatic email notifications may optionally be sent to advise users of new contacts, cases, or tasks assigned to them. Some of the key CRM capabilities of info@hand include:

  • Salesforce automation – including lead capture, and the promotion of leads to Opportunities;
  • Opportunity tracking with sales stage and percentage likelihood;
  • Sales pipeline tracking, with graphical charts that offer drill-down from the bar or segment of the chart to the data that underlies it;
  • Definition of sales teams and territories, to manage information sharing and track sales performance by territory;
  • Sales forecasting, and comparison of forecasts to quotas and actuals, by team or by individual;
  • Lead source analysis of sales and opportunities;
  • Email marketing campaigns send high-quality HTML emails to carefully selected target lists;
  • Flexible reporting, to extract precisely the information you want to see;
  • Corporate calendar management, for arranging calls and meetings; and
  • Integrated Inbound and outbound Email, which is automatically added to account and contact history.

System Benefits:

An integrated web-based application, this comprehensive system will revolutionize information flow throughout your business, and deliver several key benefits:

  • Reduced Administrative Costs: Information is only typed in once – CRM, product catalog, proposals, invoicing, customer service, project and resource management – all share the same data.
  • Improved Efficiency: Everyone in the business knows right away where to find information, without wasting time looking for it.
  • Happier Customers (and better customer retention!): Dealing with employees who now know more about them and what’s going on in their account.
  • Better Management: Sales pipelines that are much better understood provide clear visibility of any business upturn or downturn well before it represents an opportunity or risk for the business.
  • Increased Sales Effectiveness: The most productive lead sources and sales staff are clearly identified on graphical charts.
  • Greater Sales Reach: Use the email marketing capabilities to execute and measure new promotional campaigns.

Because info@hand is web based, all its benefits are available to every company employee (subject to access permissions you control), whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road. info@hand supports both full-sized PC & Mac browsers, and mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Android etc.., and Internet security may be handled either via VPN, or SSL.



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